Monday, February 2, 2009

For want of a nail . . .

Nothing so frustrates conservatives as watching how the Republican Party repeatedly throws away opportunities for important victories. Andrew Breitbart talks about one squandered chance:
Back in 2004, a smart, good-looking moderate Republican Hispanic ran for Congress. At the time Victor Elizalde was just under 40 years old and working as an executive at a big-time Hollywood studio. As an ethnic minority, a family man and a rare open conservative in an industry dominated by liberals, Mr. Elizalde represented hope and change for the Republican Party.
Yet because he was running for Henry A. Waxman´s safe seat, Mr. Elizalde got no support from the Republican Party . In fact, no one in the party´s leadership took notice of him. As a result Mr. Waxman trounced Mr. Elizalde with 71 percent of the vote.
Amen, Brother Andrew! I saw them do the same exact thing this past year with Lt. Col. Allen West. His supporters were bitterly disappointed that the NRCC -- after trying desperately to recruit any other Republican to run in FL22 - wouldn't lift a finger or spend a cent to support an Iraq war veteran's campaign.

The "cretinous b*stards" who run the Republican Party will gladly throw away millions to support useless RINOs like Lincoln Chafee, but let a real conservative fight to win a primary, and watch how those overpaid geniuses at the GOPHQ "cocktail party" treat him like a leper.

If Michael Steele changes nothing else as RNC chairman, he must change this. No more "Mavericks," no more wasting money on Chafees, and no more running away from a fight leaving conservatives to die on the political battlefield.


  1. The Republican Party of Alaska consistently worked against Sarah Palin during the last election.

    I hope Steele can get this party together. There's a reason many of us long-time Republicans have changed our party preference to "no party."

  2. Allen West deserved to lose. And he will lose again in 2010.