Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Liberal economics, by Amy

An oxymoron? No, just a moron:
I'm actually starting to get offended by the rhetoric about how we need private-sector, not public-sector, jobs from whatever stimulus plan we hatch.
First of all, jobs are jobs and we need them, so let's get them all "stimulated" and into action. But secondly, can I just say that the only people I know who are secure in their jobs are people with government jobs? My friends, family, and students working for private companies or for themselves are getting hosed. Those of us working for the county, state, and country are relatively secure.
So why would private sector jobs be, in these uncertain times, preferable to public sector ones?
It's like an Onion parody or something Iowahawk might write, but Amy is apparently sincere. Obviously, she should get a job with the Department of Unicorns and Rainbows.

(Tip from Donald Douglas.)


  1. ...because a Government job is a make believe job. The government doesn't have profit or loss. It can just raise taxes or print more money. No private industry can do the same.

  2. That, quite honestly, might be one of the stupidest things I've ever read. I've always known that liberals don't really "get" economics, but I've rarely seen it proven to me in such a blatant fashion. For example, there's this:

    And when public money is funneled into the private sector, a certain percentage of that money ends up as "profit" -- it doesn't go to salaries or healthcare or materials or facilities or maintenance or utilities or NUTHIN.

    Public money is funneled into the private sector? Of course, she also fails to distinguish between money and wealth, but the public sector takes money from the private, not the other way around. The government produces very little.

    Second, profit ends up as "NUTHIN"? What does she think people do with profit they make? Burn it? Pour honey on it and roll in it? They invest it and spend it, of course, which can then lead to salaries and healthcare and facilities and R&D, etc.

    It's sad that anyone thinks like this, but apparently, at least half of the country does.


  3. For one thing, the government doesn't MAKE anything, unless one thinks trouble is a product.

  4. Mind-boggling!