Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Attention, Chairman Steele

Dear Sir:

I'm at the home of mutual friends -- you've enjoyed their hospitality -- where the dear lady and I were discussing the wretched cluelessness of Republican political operations, including this good ol' boy network of consultants/vendors who are overpaid to deliver crap. There is this thing where, if you're somebody's buddy from College Republicans 20 or 30 years ago, you therefore will get a contract to do . . . something

It's the old "Jobs for the boys" patronage principle, and the GOP can't afford to roll that way anymore.

The problem can be summed up, said our mutual friend, in two words: Charlie Black.

And then later, our friend made an unintentional pun when she said, "There needs to be some sort of blacklist" of people that don't get RNC business anymore. Ever. Period.

Well, a Freudian slip, perhaps, but I think you get the idea. As my country kin might say, "There's too many pigs for the tits." And as I can imagine that the whole world right now is trying to get your attention to tell you what to do or to seek favors, all I can do is throw this up on my blog and tell you that our friend has hit the nail squarely on the head. Some fat pigs who've been sucking on the GOP tits too long need to be retired, voluntarily or otherwise.

Chairman Steele, you are the new sheriff in town. To the Charlie Black class of Republican Party operatives, you should say, "There is this thing out there called 'the private sector,' where you get paid according to results. Good luck with it, because we're not going to pay you to lose any more elections. Nice doing business with you. Now get out of my office."

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