Monday, October 13, 2008

Video: Van load of illegals

Via Hot Air:

The story behind the video:
PHOENIX -- Several people were caught running through a Valley neighborhood after bailing out of rolled van near 27th and Southern avenues.
The Department of Public Safety had been following the van as it drove erratically through Phoenix. The pursuit started in the area of Interstate 10 and 44th Street. DPS initially started following the van in the hope that it would lead them to a drop house.
After getting off the freeway, the driver of the van refused to stop, plowing though barricades and over medians. DPS said the van even tried to ram one of its cruisers.
DPS said it suspended the chase when the van entered a school zone.
The van was eventually involved in a wreck. It ran a stop sign, and then slammed into another car and rolled over. As soon as the van rolled, about two dozen people, suspected illegal immigrants, bailed out and ran through the neighborhood.
I love that "suspected" illegal immigrants. Gee, Sherlock, where'd you get the first clue?

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