Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Kathryn Jean Lopez:
Is it me or is the media setting it up so that if McCain wins, it will be immediately declared racism? We know this, but I don't sense enough outrage?
We're better than this nonsense. Can't we have a fair-and-square election, based on debating actual issues and worldviews? I'm sorry to be Pollyannish. But we're three weeks out and time is of the essence.
Two quick points:
  • A. McCain will lose, and
  • B. The mere fact that it might be close is sufficient cause for the MSM to make accusations of racism. They've been saying so since at least August.
This election is, to the MSM, a referendum on race, and you'll see an avalanche of op-ed articles after Nov. 5 about "what it means." If Republicans wanted a debate about "actual issues," perhaps they should have nominated a conservative.

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