Monday, October 13, 2008

Obama's genocidal cousin

Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga:
Raila Odinga is a Marxist He graduated from East Germany's Magdeburg University in 1970 on a scholarship provided by the East German government. He named his oldest son after Fidel Castro. . . .
Initially, Mr. Odinga was not the favored opposition candidate to stand in the 2007 election against President Mwai Kibaki, who was seeking his second term. However, he received a tremendous boost when Sen. Barack Obama arrived in Kenya in August 2006 to campaign on his behalf. Mr. Obama denies that supporting Mr. Odinga was the intention of his trip, but his actions and local media reports tell otherwise.
Mr. Odinga and Mr. Obama were nearly inseparable throughout Mr. Obama's six-day stay. The two traveled together throughout Kenya and Mr. Obama spoke on behalf of Mr. Odinga at numerous rallies. In contrast, Mr. Obama had only criticism for Kibaki. He lashed out against the Kenyan government shortly after meeting with the president on Aug. 25. "The [Kenyan] people have to suffer over corruption perpetrated by government officials," Mr. Obama announced.
"Kenyans are now yearning for change," he declared. The intent of Mr. Obama's remarks and actions was transparent to Kenyans - he was firmly behind Mr. Odinga.
Mr. Odinga and Mr. Obama had met several times before the 2006 trip. Reports indicate Mr. Odinga visited Mr. Obama during trips to the U.S. in 2004, 2005 and 2006. Mr. Obama sent his foreign policy adviser Mark Lippert to Kenya in early 2006 to coordinate his summer visit. Mr. Obama's August trip coincided with strategizing by Orange Democratic Movement leaders to defeat Mr. Kibaki in the upcoming elections. Mr. Odinga represented the ODM ticket in the presidential race. . . .
Mr. Odinga told a stunned BBC Radio interviewer the reason why he and Mr. Obama were staying in near daily telephone contact was because they were cousins. In a Jan. 8, 2008, interview, Mr. Odinga said Mr. Obama had called him twice the day before while campaigning in the New Hampshire primary before adding, "Barack Obama's father is my maternal uncle."
Read the whole thing. Frankly, I find this much more interesting than the rumors that Obama had an affair with Vera Baker. Adulterous politicians are a dime a dozen, but campaigning for a genocidal Marxist who went to college in East Germany -- that's news!

In reference to any other personage on the planet, this story would be four inch high letters on every production of the Fourth Estate in the nation. For now, we have to settle with the fourth page somewhere.
The Obama-Odinga connection is fascinating, even if you're an Obama supporter who doesn't think Marxism is a bad thing (do I repeat myself? ) but is somehow not newsworthy for most of the media.

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  1. Do you think this is at all relevant to the question of whether a person of dual citizenship [at any point in one's life] should be able to fulfill the natural born citizenship requirement? The intent behind the requirement was to ensure that the president would be committed to the best interests of the United States and not the agendas of other countries.

    Such close familial ties to leaders of other countries [especially leaders of nations with divergent political philosophies] smacks of the old European aristrocracy that was all related. Weren't such connections exactly what our founders tried to protect us against?