Saturday, October 18, 2008

The belated S.2611 referendum

Let's look at the Senate polls compared how this year's Republican incumbents voted on S.2611, the 2006 Bush-McCain amnesty bill:

TN: Lamar Alexander +24 (NO on S.2611)
AL: Jeff Sessions +31 (NO on S.2611)
KS: Pat Roberts +19 (NO on S.2611)
OK: James Inhofe +18 (NO on S.2611)
TX: John Cornyn +6 (NO on S.2611)
GA: Saxby Chambliss +2.8 (NO on S.2611)
NC: Elizabeth Dole -3.4 (NO on S.2611)
NH: John Sununu -5.9 (NO on S.2611)

OR: Gordon Smith -3.3 (YES on S.2611)
AK: Ted Stevens -3.2 (YES on S.2611)
MN: Norm Coleman -2.2 (YES on S.2611)
KY: Mitch McConnell +6.5 (YES on S.2611)
SC: Lindsey Graham +11.3 (YES on S.2611)
ME: Susan Collins +15.0 (YES on S.2611)

So, of those on the list who voted NO on the Bush-McCain amnesty in 2006, six are ahead and two are behind. Of the six on the list who voted YES, three are ahead and three are behind. To Gordon, Ted and Norm, I say, "Good-bye, and good riddance!"


  1. I certainly hope Norm is sitting at the Senate bar next year. The alternative is a very angry man in the most exclusive club.

  2. Ted Stevens' YES vote seems to be only the smallest of his many problems.

  3. This is what I don't get about you Libertarians: You'll get rid of a candidate that agrees with you half the time in favor of one who is a creep and a liar and always disagrees with you, simply because the first candidate disagrees with you half the time...

    You REALLY want Stuart Smalley to be the SENATOR from MN? I could see tolerating him as a member of the House, but the SENATE?