Saturday, October 18, 2008

Video: GOP voters in Pa.

Liberal blogger Josh Marshall calls the comments by these people, waiting in line for a McCain-Palin rally Oct. 11 in Johnston, Pa., "rancid." The audio's not working on my laptop right now, so I don't know whether that's a fair description or not, but I post it here just because I'm not afraid of the truth, however "rancid" the truth may be:

I'm not real big on the whole "gotcha" video genre, but if people say stupid things, they say stupid things. I was certainly happy to record the words and actions of idiot anti-war protesters at the DNC in Denver, so I guess fair's fair.


  1. Unfortunately, it does have some of the same tone as an anti-Bush rally.

    The pro-Palin crowd appears to be verbally engaging a group of counter-demonstrators across the street. None of their comments are witty, and many are ignorant. Several cross the line into offensive.

    To their credit, I did not hear a single cuss word. Nor did I see a single obsence gesture. And nobody made a physical threat.

  2. It's plainly obvious from the video that there was a noticeable contingent of Obama supporters egging things on. And it is also obvious that questions were being asked of the McCain*Palin supporters by the "videographers" that we are not able to hear.

    Before the people in the video can be judged one would need to know what antagonism they were having to endure.

    Example: While waiting in SubWay the other day I was accosted out of the clear blue by one of Obama's minions simply because I "look" like a Republican (white, conservatively dressed and groomed, etc...). I came close to placing this individual in restraint via dynamic means. Then I guess the "videographer" would have said I was abusing this Obama nut had he been taping...

    This is what we face in today's political climate as created by the left. Or perhaps, as my wife says, we are simply getting too many damned Yankees down here in the Mid-South.