Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama beating McCain in ad wars

I mentioned Saturday that the Obama campaign's massive advertising was overwhelming the McCain campaign in kry swing states. Now the Politico:
As of close of business last week, Obama had spent approximately $195 million on primary and general election ads compared with $99 million by the Arizona Republican and the Republican National Committee, according to the Competitive Media Analysis Group. And the gap is widening in the final weeks. . . .
The spending figures are significant because they demonstrate how Obama’s
fundraising advantage has helped him drown out his opponent and maintain a
longer -- and more positive -- presence in the living rooms of voters in critical swing states. "Obama is spending $3.5 million a day on television ads," said Evan Tracey, CMAG's chief operating officer. "If he does that through Election Day, it will be more than McCain got from the government for his entire general election campaign."
This is what all the complaints about "media bias" miss. In the major swing states, Obama's generally running twice as many TV ads as McCain. Even on Fox News, Obama's running more ads. So no matter what they're reporting on the news, the Obama message is getting out there.

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