Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Amazing vote fraud in Ohio

Michelle Malkin has the story of a group of out-of-state "activists" who went to Ohio for a voter-registration project and registered themselves.

Motor-voter and "early voting" have destroyed the integrity of the American election system. The whole idea is to make voting so easy as to require no effort at all. But if someone is so slothful and uninvolved that they can't be bothered to go to the courthouse and register, then go down to the polling place on Election Day, what sort of informed decision do we expect that person to make?

Mass voter-registration projects tend to inflate the registration rolls, thus creating "phantom" votes (i.e., names on the roles of people who won't actually show up on Election Day) that can be manipulated in fraudulent elections. This is the Chicago Way.


  1. I think there would be a way to attract many more people to vote, without activist fraud.

    The main reason why a normal person might not bother to go to the polls is that most of us do not want to spend the next four years explaining why we voted for a stand-for-nothing socialist rag like McCain.

    But if there was a way to cast a negative vote, the election would allow people to express themselves better. For example, each voter could have one positive vote and as many negative votes as there are candidates. Many times it would be the candidate with the least count of negative votes who would win. We could even agree that a person elected with a negative vote balance will only serve for two years rather than four.

  2. Just spent yesterday working the Canadian Federal election for the CPC. Voters had to produce either their voter card (from mail) AND photo ID with address to match, or at least 2 other pieces with current address on it or have a another pre-qualified voter swear an oath to identify. Then they got a PAPER ballot to mark.

    End of process, each ballot box was opened in our presence, we got to see every ballot, got to discuss any rejects, verify the count, and got a signed copy of the poll results.

    Very `old fashioned' I know, but repeated in thousands of polls all across Canada, we had 98+% results in 3 hours.

    Photo ID was a bit of a shock, but we got through it with just a few really upset snobs unused to waiting in line...


  3. lame, Obama is up in the polls by 14+, explain that with purported registration fraud. IF Obama wins, it is because the GOP is morally bankrupt and many of its old suporters have fled for higher ground. This isn't Bush v Gore, a real stolen election.

  4. ian,

    And, that is the way it should be here. But the only way Democrats can actually win is to cheat. And the only way to cheat well or more easily, is to add complexity. Of course, we will still know, but once in office, I doubt if our government will do anything. They already know their is huge voter fraud being set up and they are trying very hard to ignore it until it cannot be checked.


    Anyone notice one of the most striking similarities between communists and terrorists, world-wide? They wear masks or go anonymous. Often even when they begin shooting people. Unless the only people present are being shot or shooting (and whatever else they like to do before killing, as with a certain Czar's daughter).

  5. Doom,

    You'll note I referenced the govt. issued photo ID plus at least one other piece of ID. This was our first election with this requirement. We have got a handle on voter fraud with this new system.