Friday, October 17, 2008

Maverick on Letterman

Very funny, but calling the mortgage crisis "a drive-by shooting by Washington and Wall Street" is just wrong. There are specific culprits in this crisis, and to blame the entirety of the American financial industry is to promote a fundamental misconception that only helps Obama. Leave the Wall Street-bashing to Democrats.


  1. McCain/Letterman was funny.
    It was also revealing.McLame might have finished nailing his own coffin with this appearance.
    So let's see Johnny, Palin is the right person to lead us through a crisis because she's...INSPIRATIONAL!?!?
    What about when he got caught in the headlights after
    his Gordon Libby association was brought up? Wow...
    If Cons were looking for a boost of confidence they sure didn't get it last night on Letterman.
    Crash and burn.

  2. Sorry, but McCain *is* a Democrat. What else did you expect him to say?