Saturday, October 18, 2008

John McCain still pushing amnesty

Interviewed by John Gizzi for Human Events:
Q: You were in the forefront of the comprehensive immigration package that died in the Senate in '06. Now you are saying 'border security' first...
That's the reality. The reason it was rejected by the Senate was we didn't give the American people the confidence that the borders would be secure. But, in all candor, you need to have a path to citizenship [for those] who come here illegally. And you need a temporary worker program.
Q: So will you send the Senate a "border security only" package?
I'm still open to a comprehensive package. But I understand we have to sit down on this. We must secure the borders, we have to have a temporary worker program, we must round up and deport 2 million people who are here illegally and have committed crimes. But people who have gotten here illegally, obeyed the laws, learned English, lived here all their lives and have lived decent lives -- they have to go through the naturalization process. They are God’s children.
He lives in an alternative universe, where one can (a) enter the country illegally yet (b) still be said to have "obeyed the laws." Our immigration laws are laws, and violating the law is a crime, Senator. As they say on talk radio, "What part of 'illegal' don't you understand?"

We had an amnesty in 1986, so who are these illegals who have "lived here all their lives"? Are we talking about 22-year-olds who crawled across the border in 1987? And people only "go through the naturalization process" when they desire to become citizens. So now he's saying that not only are we going to stop deporting illegals, but they're going to become citizens, too. If they weren't willing to "go through the process" to get here legally, what makes him think they're going to bother with the naturalization process?

If his pigheaded refusal to think clearly about this issue -- must all "God's children" live inside our borders, Senator? -- ends up costing him the election, he will have no one but himself to blame.

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