Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber pays the price

Cause trouble for Obama, and you can be sure that Obama will cause trouble for you:
The progressives have made a very definitive statement today. They have said that if you dare to speak out against their Chosen One, they will not only smear you and broadcast the details of your life to the world but they'll also deprive you of your livelihood.
A couple of days ago, Joe Wurzelbacher was just a regular guy with a house and a son and a dream of one day seeing his hard work pay off with a better life. Then Barack Obama showed up in his front yard. Now, thanks to the Obamessiah's brownshirts, he is likely to lose his job as a plumber.
This massive left-wing attack has caused Michelle Malkin to identify a new "progressive" disorder: Joe the Plumber Derangement Syndrome. Frankly, I'm not worried about Joe, who can obviously take care of himself. I'll be surprised if he doesn't have a book deal and his own talk radio show by Election Day.

UPDATE: Jules Crittenden has got an excellent roundup of Joe the Plumber news, including this from the Toledo Blade:
"Everyone's more worried about what Joe the Plumber has to say than what Obama or McCain has to say."
Jules has some savvy media advice for Joe:
Don’t talk to any more reporters. Just pretend like you're a Norman Rockwell painting. Strong, silent, earnest type. A "go jump in the lake" or two will only further endear to the heartland.
The public-relations consulting firm of Crittenden & McCain would be only too happy to get a contract from the Palin-Wurzelbacher 2012 campaign.

Look on the bright side. The media’s finally starting to vet acquaintances of Barack Obama.
Yeah, if they spent half as much effort investigating Bill Ayers, the Annenberg Challenge and ACORN, Obama would be in single digits.


  1. "Obama will cause trouble for you"

    This links to a story about a guy who got his head on TV saying he was a plumber, who isn't actually licensed to do that work in his state.

    That was dumb, but it really didn't matter until McCain brought him up, by name, like a dozen times in their nationally televised debate. Which got him the obvious press attention you would expect.

    Damn that Obama eh?

  2. Collectivist Derangement Syndrome is the only problem. All these other versions are variations on the theme.

  3. The McCain campaign says they didn't vet this guy. Huge mistake when you end up mentioning him about 20 times in front of 50 million voters. And what's so surprising about the push back from the Dems? That's standard procedure, especially after Joe ignited passions with his "dances like Sammy Davis" remark.

    As for Ayers, if the McCain's team is relying on the mainstream media to nail him, it's not doing its job. The media didn't initiate the Swift Boat attacks or the Whitewater investigation. Sadly, all of this is just evidence of the McCain's inability to manage his campaign effectively. Sorry, I'm just a conservative who believes in personal responsibility.

  4. Kilo,
    You miss the point. Joe the plumber is someone that Barack talked with and then BO made some rather enlightening statements. The points with Obama's proposed policies are the real issues. Why is the media not concentrating (as Senator Obama so eloquently stated in the last debate) FOCUSING ON THE ISSUES, NOT THE POLITICS OF OLD.
    Obama is just another liberal Democratic politician, supported by the major "news" networks. None contradicted the "misstatements" or out right lies made by Obama during the last or the previous debates.
    We now know more about Joe than Obama.

  5. Mike -

    They don't miss the point. They want everyone ELSE to miss the point. That is the purpose of ad homs - of personal attacks. To shift focus from an idea to a person in the hopes that the idea is somehow forgotten or discredited without them ever having to actually address that idea.

    It is the only recourse of those who reject reason. It's pure emotionalism - pure whim-worship.

  6. Yeah, poor guy...he tried to ambush Obama but as it turns out, didn't know what the hell he was talking about and chose to put himself out there by talking ON TELEVISION.

    I guess in America it's against some moral code to just call a spade a spade anymore:

    Joe the Plumber is a dumbass.

    Just because he's an everyman doesn't mean he's a saint, or that he knows anything about Government.

    This is guy who compared today's Political system to Feudalism...politicans are the nobles that take a lot, and give back just a little.

    Yeah, sure they do Captain Tax Evader.

    What a joke.

    It's not the mainstream media's fault he didn't choose his words carefully, and it's not their fault that he doesn't seem to demonstrate a clear understanding of the issues.

  7. I guess the idiots complaining Joe doesn't have a license don't realize he doesn't need one to do plumbing work in his area since his company is licensed. Then again liberals are so smart I guess it's just a red herring. Maybe he can get some tax advice from al franken or some of the donkeys in congress. The guy was tossing a football in his yard with his son and here comes the Obamessiah spreading the bs...err wealth. Joe asks a simple question and now liberals everywhere from the network news divisions to internet trolls have crapped their pants and rushed to attack this guy. It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.