Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ACORN loves 'em some Maverick

John McCain, ACORN ally:
Bertha Lewis, Acorn's chief organizer, said in a statement . . . "It has deeply saddened us to see Senator McCain abandon his historic support for ACORN and our efforts to support the goals of low-income Americans."
"We are sure that the extremists he is trying to get into a froth will be even more excited to learn that John McCain stood shoulder to shoulder with ACORN, at an ACORN co-sponsored event, to promote immigration reform," she said.
Michelle Malkin:
“I’ll rely on people to judge me by the company that I keep,” McCain said in February.
That’s not working out so well now, is it?
Marc Ambinder has more. including this video of the pro-immigration rally in Florida where McCain spoke:

This rather demonstrates why Bill Kristol's "fire the campaign" advice won't work. The problem isn't the campaign, it's the candidate.

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