Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Senator Government

A flub by Maverick is the tagline of the night, according to Michelle Malkin, who is surprisingly pleased with Juan McAmnesty. Considering her profound contempt for the man -- oh, yes, she really does hate him -- this is a rave review from her.

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  1. I wish the McCain campaign would hit on the fact that the artist behind the Obama HOPE poster, Shepard Fairey, is a known radical who has made a career on works depicting the burning of the White House and other extreme images.

    Obama claims to support the arts while walking hand in hand with Shepard Fairey who is a career copyright violator and supporter of the orphan works bill. I don't understand why so many people are ok with that.

    Obama actually praised Shepard in a letter for his career and for 'bombing' images of Obama on illegal places like stop signs. How can a candidate support risky activity like that which could result in an accident? Not to mention the fact that the clean up of so called street art costs tax payers up to $15 billion. And Obama supports that? Talk about wasteful spending.

    The media should expose this and McCain should target it!