Sunday, October 12, 2008

Paul Mirengoff on the 'rout'

Ten days ago, when I saw an admission of defeat in John McCain's decision to pull out of Michigan, that was decidedly an unpopular view among conservatives. (See the angry responses to my Oct. 7 American Spectator column, "How John McCain Lost.")

Now, the brutal reality is starting to overcome denial, and Powerline's Paul Mirengoff writes:
[T]he McCain brand has been damaged, with the assistance of the MSM, by Obama’s relentless attacks. In addition, Obama has done a pretty good job of conning voters into believing that he is, precisely, a generic Democrat.
Accordingly, the possibility that Obama will win by 10 points or more cannot be ruled out.
Not discounting the effectiveness of Obama's attacks or the MSM's role, I think Paul understates the degree to which McCain's defeat has been self-inflicted. To reiterate:The man is amazingly consistent in some ways.


  1. When you stoptothinkaboutit...

    McCain simply will NOT marry Obama and Fannie/Freddie, which is very do-able, and not a tenuous connection.

    I think the guy found out 10 days ago that he was going to lose; he's been acting that way ever since.

  2. When the going gets tough, lay down and stay down.

  3. Maybe the voting public is finally waking up to the fact that Republicans suck.

  4. Now that's the sort of incisive political analysis that you just can't get anywhere, including here.