Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bristol Palin's boyfriend, Levi Johnston

Musclehead 18-year-old hockey player:
Doe-eyed Bristol Palin, 17, and ruggedly handsome Levi Johnston, an 18-year-old self-described "f---in' redneck," have been dating a year, locals in Wasilla, Alaska, told the Daily News.
And the pregnancy? An open secret in the close-knit town of 9,780. . . .
On his MySpace page, Johnston proudly declares: "I'm a f---in' redneck."
"I live to play hockey. I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing," he says on the site.
He also warns that if anyone messes with him, "I'll kick ass."
Way to go, f---in' redneck. Your f---in' stupidity might have just elected f---in' Obama.

By the way, in my column today, I predicted it would take less than 24 hours for the press to ID Mr. Teen Inseminator, and they did the job in barely 12.

UPDATE: Somebody just e-mailed me this touchy-feely blog post about the Palin family, and it merely infuriates me:
I wish her and her husband-to-be and their baby safety and joy. And as much privacy as they can find. I intensely admire both her decision to choose life, and her decision to further sacrifice her privacy in order to support her mom for the betterment of our country. And as far as I'm concerned, that's the end of that.
Don't you people realize that politics ain't beanbag? You're up against the Democratic Party and the MSM, and they're not going to cut you any slack. This is the biggest possible game for the highest possible stakes -- the presidency of the United States -- and all your tender-hearted concern for two teenagers in love isn't worth squat in such a situation.

Send me no more such sentimental gush. It's worse than useless at this point.

UPDATE II: The Washington Post put no fewer than five reporters on the story, including one who knocked on the door of Johnston's family home in Wasilla. Did Team Maverick warn the Palin family about this?

UPDATE III: An anonymous commenter says I should "be ashamed" for "laying a trip like that on" Mr. Baby Daddy. Why? Because he's a teenage jock? C'mon, who doesn't know how teenage jocks behave? Do you really expect me to believe that Levi "f---in' redneck" Johnston wasn't bragging to all his buddies about nailing the governor's daughter?

Why do you suppose Bristol's pregnancy was "no secret" in Wasilla, hmmm? Because that musclehead braggart told everybody in town, that's why. And I should be "ashamed" of denouncing this cretinous hoodlum? Make. Me. Laugh.

UPDATE IV: Jeralyn Merritt has started a pool on when Sarah Palin will resign from the ticket. I don't think that will happen. Team Maverick is aware of the Eagleton precedent, and they know there's no second chances on the veep pick. For better or worse, they've got to ride this one out.

UPDATE V: Levi is "sex on skates." This kid might be the new pro-life poster boy because, apparently, lots of teenage girls (and some older ladies, too) would love to have his babies.


  1. stacy,

    your blog is as equally juvenile as this young man's behavior...laying a trip like that on him...you should be ashamed of yourself...(award winning journalist)

  2. Bull. The blog is one of the more well-written entertaining ones in the blogosphere.
    TOM is just venting his frustrations, nothing more. His points about lack of common decency with respect to the national media and the race for the presidency are well taken. Hopefully the MaCain/Palin campaign will take them to heart.

  3. Couldn't disagree more with Stacy. The blog is " on point" on the issues. Smart, funny...

  4. OK, the kid is a dumbass and he shoulda pulled out. but its not his fault moron mccain picked a VP with a total of 24 hours of vetting! Come on, even the WSJ took 12 hours to find out the the daddy was!

  5. So Bristol witnessed Trooper Wooten (her f---in redneck uncle at the time) tasering her 12yr old cousin and being threatened to be sprayed with pepper spray by him. She then falls for this f---in redneck jock and gets pregnant by him and mommy Sarah Palin is joyful that she is going to marry this ass kicking kid? Let’s hope the marriage works or else Sarah (our possible future VP or, god forbid president) is going to have another f---in redneck threatening that her father (Bristol’s grandfather) will eat lead just like the creep her sister married threatened to do. Now whenever I hear about how we are supposed to relate to Sarah because she is real people with real problems just like us I say “Huh?” What us?

  6. I'm the author of the "sentimental gush" you quoted in your update. It's the concluding paragraph of a post which makes a substantive point, albeit a somewhat speculative one, about whether or not Bristol Palin was consulted before Gov. Sarah Palin accepted McCain's invitation to join the ticket.

    Obviously, you're not interested in that. Obviously, you're not interested in any of the other 27 posts (so far) that I've written with substantive information about Gov. Palin that's designed to inform people about her and, as part of that, to combat the Democratic Party's inevitable smear efforts. I've been writing about her, in fact, since June 8th.

    As for your blaming the 18 year old boyfriend: His and Bristol Palin's indiscretion was several months ago, long before there was much serious discussion about McCain picking Palin. Your suggestion that his "stupidity might have just elected f---in' Obama" is itself pretty moronic. Your suggestion that he "told everyone in town" is equally ridiculous. Look, dude, maybe you've never lived in a small town. But in them, when a teen couple who've been steadily dating find themselves in this situation, it's not necessary for anybody to go bragging.

    It also is pretty good evidence that you're a lousy pundit. Yes, the Hard Left Democrats will stoop to anything. The bulk of American voters are far more decent, and the backlash from this will be at least as strong as the "lash."

    I've never read your blog either, nor heard of you. This introduction, however, certainly doesn't put you in a very good light. In fact, from this limited exposure, I'd characterize you as an insensitive jerk, regardless of whatever conservative principles you claim. Spare me your sanctimony and cruel snark -- it's worse than useless at ANY point in time.

  7. No need cutting them any slack.

    Gov. Palin ID'd the boy herself. At this point, the way things have unrolled, it's naive to believe this isn't playing out exactly like she and Karl Rove want.

    I'm only worried what their nefarious goal is.

    I mean, I'm worried they're trying to put the elitist McCain back in touch with common folk by making the VP choice totally imperfect.

  8. Yeah. Unless he raped and then proposed to young Bristol, then there were two people involved in this plot to get Barack Obama elected.

    Unless, of course, it is your contention that only the man can be held accountable for getting the woman pregnant, as though she had no say in the matter.

    These two people made a mistake, and they made it five months ago, long before her mother was chosen as McCain's running mate. They're going to catch enough heat over this, without some self-righteous right-wing partisan blogger piling on. I suppose it's a point in their favor that you only have a dozen readers.

    Well, one fewer now. I'll miss your blog, sir. You are both funny and articulate. Too bad you don't have any perspective.

  9. @anonymous:
    If you think teen pregnancy is a problem, then you need to understand this:
    Verbal spankings like the one delivered in this post are exactly what f'in redneck boys need if they're ever to grow into men, and hopefully minimize this societal distraction.
    We need more men telling boys to keep the rocket in the pocket, not less.
    One can infer from your feckless anonymity that you might prefer to raise taxes, implement a bunch of limp educational programs, and then blame someone else when the programs fail, fail, fail.

  10. You make an excellent point about blabbermouth Levi, but I think are going way overboard on the effect on the election. I think it's more likely to rebound in her favor, assuming she handles it properly. I suspect she will.

    It's not as if millions of Americans are unfamiliar with this in their personal lives.

    And it's not as if stories such as these are unknown in American presidential history.

    "Maw, Maw, where's my Paw?"
    "Gone to the White House, haw haw haw!"

    You'll note the man got to the White House for the joke to take effect.

  11. In response to the comment:

    " I intensely admire both her decision to choose life, and her decision to further sacrifice her privacy in order to support her mom for the betterment of our country. "

    Are you serious? You can't possibly be that naive. Anyone who thinks it was her daughters decision to choose life or marry tha cement head (and we'll see if that actually happens) is not grounded in reality.

  12. Why is nobody talking about the mere fact that an 18 year old boy having sex with a 17 year old girl is ILLEGAL! Why is he not up on charges & in jail?

  13. I think no one is talking about their ages because it's one of the first things people look up online...statutory age in Alaska is 16. They're home free, unfortunately.

  14. To Beldar

    WHOOOT!! You're so right! This guy is an award winning journalist? Sorry, but award winning journalists don't act so juvenile. Rock on, Palin! Rock on!

  15. Malcolm Muggeridge got it right! "There's no intolerance like liberal intolerance." Wake up, this is happening daily to young people and has been for centuries. One is obliged to "man up" and be accountable and responsible for ones actions. That's life! Lets get on with it!!!

  16. Women are going to sympathize with Sarah Palin over this situation, not shun her. Men probably do not find it a big deal one way or the other.

    The big reason the left is so fired up about the issue is because it is *not* going to be a major detriment.

    Once McCain and Palin make their big acceptance speeches, Bristol will not even be news.

  17. His MySpace page also pointed out that although he is in a relationship, he doesn't want kids. As of yesterday it stated that. Wonder if that march down the aisle will actually happen?

  18. From viewing all of this (sometimes) crap in these blogs, no one is talking about these children perhaps being forced to get married. Gov. Palin has gotten these kids engaged when clearly (especially) the boy is not ready. Is she attempting to save face at the expense of her daughter? Would you want your granddaughter around this kind of guy? Does this means that it is going to be a shotgun wedding? Gov. Palin is a sharpshooter. Gov. Palin should have left out the marriage part.

  19. The Republicans must be thinking "WTFWJD now?".

  20. So will Bristol, baby daddy Levi and the baby all join momma Sarah and drunk driver Troy in the VP mansion in DC if the McCain ticket is elected? Or will the young woman and her shot-gun spouse be forced to start a home in Wasilla without grandma around to babysit? Will she even be able to finish high school? Will he?
    Sarah, good values here forcing your daughter to endure all of this in the public spotlight. Family values indeed. Perhaps the Addams family!

  21. This is my opinion about the situation.

    Bristol is NOT pregnant. It's just a cover up so people will shut up about Trig. Sarah has done this before, with Monegan. If she had been honest, no one would really care. Why didn't she just say that the reason she wanted Monegan fired was because he wouldn't fire Wooten? She had good reason to want him fired, but she LIED about it! It's the fact that she's a LIAR that is what matters. Not her kids. Not that she wanted Monegan fired. She's just a LIAR, and that's what matters. I understand that not all children listen to their parents, but when a lady tries to pass of a child as her own to make herself look good, then that's when she loses her credibility. She should have just admitted that Trig is her daughter's baby and left it at that. She should have admitted that she wanted Monegan fired because he wouldn't fire Wooten when Wooten used a taser on an 11 year old. Anyway..... as far as I'm concerned, Sarah is a liar and she's lost all the respect I previously had for her.

    I did not look her up to find dirt on her. I looked her up because I was CURIOUS because I hadn't heard about her (or if I did, I didn't pay attention) before John McCain picked her as a running mate.

    It's not my fault I ran across dirt, so to all the people who are quick to label people as a Democrat/Liberal who is just spreading hate... shut up and watch your mouth. lol. I'm not even American, so I don't really care who wins. I'm just interested in the election. ;)

  22. My name is Dwik, and Levi is a purple puke hematite! That's my baby and I'll fight him for it and we are going to call him/her Milston Dwik! I love Bristol and Levi only did it with her so he could get close to her mom, Levi if you are reading this you are a fruitface pachinko Palinophile!

    That's right, you pathetic Bristol Myers Squibb! How could you?

  23. Agh don't you all get it it's not about her daughter. It's about failed polices, and being to stubborn to admit when your wrong plain and simple. Governor Palin's/and the republican's policy on absence does not work!!!

  24. Bristol will be another welfare mom. Unfortunately this is where the world is headed...straight to hell!

  25. Apparently, these people need it spelled out why Sarah Palin has opened up her family to be fair game. This is why:



    Sarah herself threw her family onto the public stage, and she herself used them wherever possible to her own political advantage. She put them out there as part of her qualifications.

    Here is just ONE out of many examples of this:


    If you're going to thrust your family into the public eye and use them as selling points, you can't just cut off the conversation when the topic goes a direction you no longer like.

  26. maybe if her mother allowed sex education in schools her daughter would not be in this predicament.

  27. So far, you haven't examined HOW she got pregnant. Remember, Bristol and Levi weren't out on a date. She was at home, with an extremely severe case of Mono, from January to May.

    The other question that hasn't been answered is, "Why did Governor Palin leave her premature baby at home with her extremely sick daughter 3 days after the baby was born?" The Palin Family has established the fact that Governor Palin returned to work full time, leaving the premature baby at a house where the teenage sister had an extremely contagious disease. That's definitely not "family values".

  28. this is horrid, this poor 17 yr old girl. Sarah Palin is an extremely selfish woman to be putting her daughter threw this right now. and who is caring for the 1 yr old with downs syndrome, not her oil man husband, remember oil !!! These people sicken me. this borders on child abuse. why take the nomination when her family needs her so right now. Hypocrite !!! Why would you take this nomination and put your poor kid through this. Selfish Bitch.

  29. How it must have gone down: "Um...well, sure, I'd like to marry your daughter and forsake all other women. It's my dream. I've always bragged to my locker-room buddies that I could give up the World of Babes before them. I can't wait to leave them behind in their World Of Sex With Lots Of Women. Me, I'm ready to impart my life's wisdom to the next generation."

  30. FYI - the check the Internet archive under the supposed urls -some of it is a recent fake by a programmer in Arizona with a similar name who thinks it's funny.

  31. I love how Republicans are talking about how the Democrats are going to smear this story. Republicans wrote the book on slash and burn politics. If this had been Biden's teenage daughter, you can bet the GOP would be threatening her and her parents with endless media scandal in an effort to scare them off the ticket.... Just like they did Ross Perot.

  32. I don't want to say anything hurtful, but Bristol's baby will be her SECOND by Todd. Levi is just helping in the coverup.

  33. I grew up in a small town but spent most of my adult working life in a large metroplex area. When I first saw Sarah Palin -- her fresh face and smile, I said to a friend that "it won't take long for the media to wipe that smile off her face". But I didn't know it would happen within hours of my statement. Mr. McCain you are one of those "wipe the smile off her face" people. Too bad you didn't grow up in a small town full of great and loving neighborly types. And if you did, you've certainly forgotten what it's like. The Palin's have so much more than any of the critics will ever know or have.


  35. C'mon already! Palin is just red meat being thrown to the right wing fundies to get them excited, and try to take away Obamas post convention bump. Karl Rove's minions are running McInsane's campaign, and his fingerprints are all over this. This is a Harriet Mier's type of pick. Shortly she'll withdraw for "family reasons" and they can go ahead and annoint Jeb Bush. Gotta suck every drop of oil dry while they can. Too bad the whole family will be trashed on this deal. BTW the main reason for Sarah's high approval rating in Alaska is the extra $1200 a year each Alaskan gets doled out to them in oil revenue, also the reason some Alaskans want to secede from the US and be free of our evironmental laws, and get to keep the oil for themselves. Look up Alaska Independence Party. Wait! Isn't that treason?

  36. First and foremost, Sarah Palin is no reformenr. She sided with Ted Stevens before apparently throwing him under the bus. She got millions in earmarks for her small community. She supported the "bridge to nowhere" although she claimed on TV the other day that she was against it. All in a couple of years of "great service and rich experience." Ridiculous.
    Also, I wish that "compassionate conservatives" everywhere would think again before asking everyone to lay off of "poor innocent Bristol." During the Clinton years, Republicans had no problem trashing Bill at every turn, calling him every vile name in the book, despite the fact that he had a teenage daughter of his own at home at the time. No one seemed to care about Chelsea's feelings at the time. Though, by the way, she seemed to grow up pretty well--a thoughful intelligent woman. Sarah Palin may want to ask Hillary for some parenting advice.

  37. Hey Sarah Palin! All we gotta do is teach our kids abstinence, right? So how's that workin' for ya?

  38. I was wrong -- no one is going to wipe the smile off of Sarah Palin's face -- it may be the other way around. Liberal democrats, run for cover!!


  39. I am just curious about something. Please tell me, who is going to pay for the care of Bristol, the delivery of this baby and her post natal care???? The boyfriend clearly is too busy playing hockey and kicking a-- to hold any meaningful job. Since Bristol contracted mono and missed 5 months of school (interesting that she still had contact with Levi) she is approximately at the level of a high school sophomore. I am wondering if once again the taxpayers of America will be paying for Bristol's unborn baby. After all, the American people are the ones who are providing Governor Palin with her health care benefits. It will be interesting to see if that continues even after their marriage. Republicans are always accusing Democrats of working the system... What a joke!

  40. I don't know if this question has been asked on this sites or others. If Sarah is for abstience only in the sense that you should only be abstinent and practice it (not just preach it) that of course she would not put her daugher on birth control unless Bristol had other problems, like weird periods and acne. Just because she probably could not get birth control inside of her body, she could have done rhythm (which would be difficult probably as a teen), or wore a female condom. Why is it that everybody is placing the blame on Levi, that he should not have put his penis inside of her vagine if he does not want kids. How do we know that he didn't wear a condom or try and pull out? I know of somebody who got pregnant because the condom broke during the pregnancy or there had been a small tear in it, that was not seen. If Levi and Bristol could explain how the sex they had caused pregnancy there would be a better understanding. Of course it was also prove that abstinence is the best form of birth control, because even with condoms, patches, rhythm, pull out, pills, diaphrams, and shots, there is still a chance of getting pregnant. I think what the problem is in today's society is that parents think that if they tell their children to abstain from sex until they are married or at least an adult out of college that they will not have to deal with a child who might get pregnant or even get stds. Also, because people are waiting later to get married, it wouldn't be fair for somebody to have to wait to have sex if they do not get married until a lot later in life. This woud especially be true if a girl had to wait for a guy to ask her in marriage. To me it would be easier to abstain from sex if you were to get married really young like 21, because you would not have that much longer to wait. I think the marriage this a bunch of bull shit. Staturory issues are a bit more a cultural issue. Sex should be when two peole (man and woman) have known each other long enough) and are compatible with each other and have enough chemistry. Its nice to wait for marriage and a lot of girls try to until they open their eyes about certain things. The reason shy marriage exist isn't exactly because of morality. It's just that if you say something is moral, people get all religious and spiritual about it, in the sense that it is one god's laws and his is above anybody elses. However, the reason marriage occured was a lot of time based on money issue, primogeneture, and land ownership. It helps with family cohesiveness. It can be frowned up for a girl to have a lot of babies by different men. Plus there were not all of the birth control options available a long time ago. However, there was a plant that the Greeks aparantly used. Our species has evolved in the sense that we can control our bodies a little bit better than our ancestors.

  41. Let it be known that, due to his inability to respond, I have TRIUMPHED over Dude! Yay me! USA! USA! USA!

  42. 1. I do NOT want this man's (the "f---ing redneck's) babies.

    2. You (blog author) are doing a public service.

    3. I stumbled on this blog from Leendaluu at Wit's End - brilliant stuff.

    And I don't understand or keep up with politics! Except what is rammed down my throat by the media...

  43. Palin should take care of her family why is she giving her pregnant daughter the responsibility to take care of her newborn baby? That's not right.