Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fight the smears? Really?

I remember in June when Obama started ginning up the idea that the GOP was going to "smear" him -- and it was so obviously preparing the ground so that any criticism of him could be dismissed as a "right-wing smear."

But look at the real smears the Left has unleashed on Sarah Palin, the latest being the idiot claim that she busted up her husband's business partner's marriage. NOT.

Charlie Martin's got the complete guide to Sarah Palin rumors, just in case you're wondering what's true and what's not.


  1. So, in the event of a November McCain/Palin victory, what is the book on the hangtime of the 'stolen election' meme?

  2. It does not take a world class mind to tell the difference between crude rumors in the blogsphere, and direct slime, smear, and mud generated by a campaign itself. This post, and its reference to Charlie Martin, identifies the developing Republican plot line. Ms Palin is Joan of Arc, being burned at the stake by the Left. Once this plot line is established, her qualifications to serve as Vice President no longer have to be considered.

    What is clear, is that none of this is coming from the Obama campaign, but from a fringe segment in the blogosphere. On the other hand, the savaging and belittling of Obama as “community organizer”, with its subliminal racist implications, was orchestrated by the McCain campaign.

    I will let Obama speak for himself, it is no more than a minute of your time:

    That much despised News Commentator, the liberal leftist slime ball, takes a bite out of the Republican noise machine here:


    Our Paul