Thursday, September 4, 2008

Palin putdowns

Apparently, Kathleen Sibelius thinks Republican women can't write anything more substantial than a grocery list:
"She mastered the words written by the Bush speechwriters and delivered them well," Ms. Sebelius said. "Women were proud of the fact that she delivered her lines very well. . . . No doubt about that."
Sarah Palin became the youngest governor in the history of her state, yet she's just a stupid parrot, a Bush sock-puppet, according to Democrats.

Michelle Malkin says Sibelius is just doing a sour-grapes thing. I think it's more than that, don't you? One of the great comforts of ugly women is their belief that all pretty women are stupid. So it really kind of messes with their worldview when a woman is both beautiful and smart.

And I haven't noticed any traffic from people Googling for Kathleen Sibelius bikini pics.


  1. Malkin thinks Sebelius is ugly? Does this woman own any mirrors?
    She looks like a Vietnamese boy in drag!
    These cat-fights are getting real silly, aren't they....

  2. Seems like you have cheered up a bit from Monday...

  3. Most women shouldn't do more than grocery lists, and most likely when the experiment finally exhales it's final (for a time) rasps, it will again be the truth that history is so full and rich with. That is, women being women, not menlings. Most women who write simply shouldn't. I am trying to remember the last woman writer, in any venue, who didn't draw me directly to zzzzz's. I'll try later, promise...

    My question, and what I find most important is, can a woman, any woman, develop a grocery list then fill it, on a budget? Then, is she single? The rest are of little value or interest, bikinis or not.

  4. Sibelius is actually a very attractive woman.