Thursday, September 4, 2008

'Dan Quayle with mammaries'

The worst comment to date about Sarah Palin comes from notorious RINO David Kuo, who calls her "Dan Quayle with mammaries."

UPDATE: Thought just crossed my mind: If that's what Kuo's publishing on the Web, what's he saying about Palin behind closed doors? You know, like Peggy Noonan when she thinks the microphone's off.

UPDATE II: Amanda Carpenter: "What a jerk."

UPDATE III: Amanda (featured in a Hot Air video interview) points out that Paul Begala invoked "the B-word" against Palin. Meanwhile, in celebration of "Stacy McCain Offends Everyone Week," my criticism of Kuo at AmSpecBlog drew a rebuke from managing editor J.P. Freire, but a defense from Jeremy Lott. I also explained the roots of my dislike for Kuo, a practicioner of Gersonism, a gushy variety of "compassionate conservatism" that annoys me to no end. But don't get me started, I could rant for hours . . .


  1. Other than Kuo and perhaps his wife and progeny, does anyone in the USA care about him?

    Or is he just another Bubblehead who's never seen the streets north and west of the Ohio River?

  2. >I could rant for hours . . .

    He could, too. -- Jeremy Lott