Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sarah Palin rumor meltdown

Charlie Martin reports that his Sarah Palin rumors roundup is so popular it's melting his servers, so he's created a backup. I'm still looking for an authentic Sarah Palin bikini photo, by the way, and if anybody's got Joe Biden in a Speedo . . .

UPDATE: Charlie's Site Meter is rockin' today -- pushing toward 12,000 hits by 2 p.m. Ice down those servers, Charlie. Dude's been linked by Lucianne, NRO Corner, Blue Crab Boulevard, Politico, Free Republic, American Thinker . . .

UPDATE II: Oh, for crying out loud! A "progressive" blogger is claiming (on the authority of "Lucille, the waitress") that Palin referred to Obama as "Sambo." How freaking desperate can they get?

UPDATE III: This "Sambo" smear is now #54 in Charlie's list of Palin rumors. That there are no named sources for this allegation, and that the only remotely identified source is the stereotypically named "Shirley, the waitress" (e.g., "Hazel, the maid," "Jeeves, the butler," "Joe, the mechanic") is your first clue that it's bogus. The fact that Palin has been in public life for 15 years and never been accused of any such thing is your second clue.

Michelle Malkin says this progressive blog "comes off like a really, really bad Onion parody," and Allah is equally dubious. As Charlie notes, "Sambo" is a suspiciously dated reference, considering that Palin is only 44.

UPDATE IV: Allah sees Andrew Sullivan as the driving force giving a semblance of credibility to the Palin smears, and notes this Politico item:
[Reporter T.C.] Mitchell said the [Anchorage] Daily News received a call from a media outlet seeking the rules of the Miss Wasilla Pageant, presumably to determine whether Palin cheated when she won it in 1984.

UPDATE V: An Ace-o-lanche just crashed Charlie's server again.

UPDATE VI: Someone just e-mailed me what he purports to be a photo of Sarah Palin topless. Of course, it's a Photoshop job -- a highly skilled Photoshop, but as fake as the way-too-obvious porn-queen boob job of the way-too-young model on whose body Palin's head is superimposed.

UPDATE VII: Now the Weekly Standard has linked Charlie's page. But what will he say about the latest shocking scandal?


  1. Mmmmm... Democrats, they're what's for breakfast. Pancakes with tiger butter please!

  2. Actually at the end of the article he cites a source. I have to go back but it's a guy that lived in Alaska and just moved to Idaho.

  3. Well the "Sambo" comment could, maybe, just might be, possibly true is some alternate universe. Maybe. Possibly. (pardon me while I go get some ice water to stop the bleeding from biting the tongue in cheek)

    I remember Sambo's. It was just like Denny's, only with better food and better service. I even remember when they changed the name to "Jolly Tiger" because some ethnic organization thought that "Sambo's" was demeaning. The life seemed to go out of the chain (or maybe it was the money from defending against civil lawsuits from that same organization) and they faded into restaurant history. Sigh....

  4. She's got them running scared and bleeding from every orifice they have. And she has yet to really start campaigning. Christ the debat with her and Biden is going to be epic.

  5. I live in Alaska. No one would ever ever use the phrase "Eskimo's" even in a derogatory manner. That is a lower 48 term. Here they are referred to as "Natives" or by their tribal names.

    Such an obvious fabrication.