Monday, September 1, 2008

August: Another record month

The monthly traffic report: August yielded more than 73,000 visits, exceeding the combined total of the two previous months (June 27.8K + July 45.1K = 72.9K). The month-to-month traffic growth was about 38%.

Once again, thanks to Instapundit, Michelle Malkin, Ace of Spades and other big bloggers for linkage that pushed the peaks. The "lows get higher" factor -- residual traffic to older posts building the "base" traffic so that the Sitemeter doesn't return to the "zero hour" -- is also noticeable.

After 571 visits on Aug. 2, the next-lowest day was 806 on Aug. 15, and every day after Aug. 17 was over 1,000 -- with an extra boost to the end of the month because of people Googling for "Sarah Palin bikini pics." In all, there were 26 days over 1,000+ traffic in August, and 12 days of 2,000+ traffic.

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