Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lots of love for Sarah Palin

UPDATED & BUMPED: More than 10,000 went through the metal detectors for a McCain-Palin appearance in Colorado Springs and the campaign had 15,000 RSVPs.

UPDATE: Denver Post crowd photo:

Denver Post article:
In just the second day of campaigning together, Republican Presidential nominee John McCain and his running mate, Sarah Palin, gave a command performance of their convention week speeches to a crowd of more than 10,000 here. . . .
They began lining up as early as 5:30 a.m., even though doors for the event didn't open until 9 a.m.
By the time doors did open, traffic jammed for miles around the airport and the line of people waiting to get in wound for several hundred yards around large hangars.

Much more at the link, including quotes from a 2000 Al Gore volunteer who loves Palin so much she says she's "never been inspired by anyone else like this except Bobby Kennedy."

UPDATE II: Colorado resident Charlie Martin reports that he "signed up for tickets on Monday and didn't make the cut."

UPDATE III: AOSHQ headlined. Thanks.

PREVIOUSLY: Via Ann Althouse:

This photo from Cedarburg, Wisc., is by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
Police said there were at least 12,500 who were admitted to the secure area and another 5,000 who did not fit.
So about 17,000 showed up -- in a town with an estimated population of 11,000. Did Tom Eagleton ever draw crowds like that?

UPDATE: The Associated Press:
Big crowds cheered the Arizona senator and Alaska governor as they made their post-convention debut in Democratic-leaning Wisconsin and Michigan . . .
Twelve hours after leaving the Republican convention in Minnesota, McCain
and Palin were cheered and applauded by a throng of thousands that wound down several streets of Cedarburg . . .
Later, they appeared before thousands who filled Freedom Hill Amphitheater in Michigan's Macomb County . . .
Beginning with her announcement as his running mate last Friday in Dayton, Ohio, McCain has drawn more enthusiasm and packed in more people to his events
than at any time during his campaign. The two events Friday both drew about 10,000 people, comparable numbers to what the newly formed ticket saw last weekend.
Palin is clearly a phenomenon. Just by comparison, when I saw McCain three weeks ago in York, Pa. -- where he appeared with Tom Ridge, Joe Lieberman and Arlen Specter -- he drew about 3,000.

UPDATE II: Gabriel Malor says MSM are purposely underreporting the size of McCain-Palin crowds.


  1. I'm sure a lot of people are just there to watch her crash and burn. Did she take any questions from the media or just spew talking points that someone else wrote for her?

  2. Did she take any questions from the media?

    Obama just started going on Fox... it took him over a year to do it.

    Palin gets a pass.

  3. For the Cedarburg, WI event, AP reported "more than 1,000 people" showed up.


    The Wisconsin State Patrol estimated 12,000+ in the secure area and AT LEAST ANOTHER 20,000 outside that secure area.

  4. So? 32,000 IS more than 1,000. That's accuracy in reporting. And in a Palin story, no less!
    Would it make you happy if they spent twice as long counting every single person so their story would say something hyper-accurate, like "At least 1100 people."

  5. wow. monday, huh.

    her tits must look much nicer in person than on flickr.

  6. I was at the campaign stop in Sterling Heights Michigan and I estimate there were at least 15,000 in attendance. Many middle age women with daughters but also entire young families. Great enthusiasm and very upbeat. I was thrilled to witness history in the making.