Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Enraged Ewok alert!

Ace is absolutely seething over the media's treatment of Bristol Palin. He goes all Hulk on "childless bachelor Mark Shields," throws a sharp elbow at Campbell Brown here, and goes off on the National Enquirer/US stories like the climax of Rambo III.

But, really, Ace, isn't some of this rage misplaced? Is none of this to be blamed on Levi "f---ing redneck" Johnston? Because the way I'm seeing it, Levi got laid, and America got screwed. If Obama gets elected Nov. 4, I'm first blaming this hockey goon who decided to go for the big trophy by tapping the governor's daughter.

"Oh, I love you, Bristol!" Yeah, and in the locker room the next day, Levi's high-fiving all his hockey buddies.

Second, I'm blaming the retarded chimpanzees who are running the McCain campaign. It's not like Team Maverick couldn't have figured how the media would react to this little tidbit of news. The girl will be seven months pregnant by November, Ace. Sarah Palin will be a grandmother by Inauguration Day. Like somebody wasn't going to notice this?

If the folks running the McCain campaign were smart (a very large "if"), they would have advised the Palins to go public about the pregnancy a couple of weeks ago -- before anyone even knew she was on the short list for the veep job. It plays out in the Alaska media, runs as a brief on the national wires, and gets a little notice by the national political press. And then, when Maverick announces the choice, the reporters have a sweet little human-interest angle about how the tolerant and open-minded McCain named Palin as his running mate despite the pregnant-daughter semi-scandal.

Instead . . . well, you see what you've got now. The media are the media and, as such, are predictable. "Bottom-feeding jackals," as Little Miss Attila says. And dealing with bottom-feeding jackals is what PR professionals are paid to do, right? So how come, with a "communications" staff of 15, Team Maverick doesn't have anyone who could figure out how to play this particular story?

Jackals are predictable. Retarded chimpanzees are, too.

UPDATE: Team Maverick didn't even know Bristol was pregnant until last Wednesday, even though everyone in Wasilla, Alaska, already knew. Fine work by that campaign staff of retarded chimpanzees.

UPDATE II: Retarded chimpanzee talking points.


  1. For a guy who gripes about writers/journalists moving back and forth in and out of campaigns you like to offer lots of advice.

    How about focusing on the real story: the Left trying to destroy a female sitting governor and the MSM going along with it and being obsessed with process stories.

  2. The linked story cites two unnamed sources. That's it!?

    So basically your hyperventilation over McCain not knowing about the pregnancy is based on ... gossip?

  3. Well, since their work of trying to destroy a black sitting US Senator ended in July... oh, wait.

  4. Robert, how much of this is fair game?
    You have the Conservapundits crying foul over the
    vitriol of the DailyKos and such, while they simultaneously cite Jerome Corsi and other "experts" in their "analysis".
    If the Right wanted to run a smear campaign based on innuendo and cynical identity politics, why is the Right so indignant about political payback?
    The chickens have come home to roost....
    Restore political discourse, lest we reduce the process of selecting the person to hold the most important office in the world to mere High School Senior Class President bunko.