Monday, September 1, 2008

Gay celebrity rent-a-womb

If you're a rich guy who wants to sire kids, but you aren't down with that nasty heterosexuality business, the free market has now supplied the solution. The surrogate who bore twins for Ricky Martin, it turns out, was hired through an agency that specializes in such arrangements. It was the third surrogate birth for the 26-year-old rent-a-mom.

Not every vaginaphobic celebrity can do like Clay Aiken, and find a lady friend to help him do through scientific assistance what he loathes to do by natural means. But if you're rich enough, you can hire out a uterus and become a proud gay dad via artificial insemination.

Question: Do gay dads want to be present at the birth? I mean, if they hate and fear ladyparts so much, it must be traumatic to witness the vajayjay doing what nature meant it to do.

1 comment:

  1. How special that you know all the details about Clay Aiken and Jaymes Foster's relationship.

    Just another day in fantasy blogland, I guess.

    So, were you recently rejected in your gay pursuits? Just wondering why you're so interested, and so bitter.