Saturday, September 6, 2008

How cool is Todd Palin?

John McCain has the ultimate spouse -- I mean, how cool is that, to marry the heiress to a beer distributorship? -- but Sarah Palin's married to the coolest dude in Alaska:
In Alaska . . . snowmobiling is the ultimate glamour sport, like Formula One racing in Europe. Todd Palin is a snowmobiling god. During this year’s 1,971-mile (3,172km) Tesoro Iron Dog race — which the First Dude has won no fewer than four times — he was flung 70ft (21m) from his machine when it hit a barrel hidden in deep snow. He broke his arm but completed the race, finishing fourth.
He's like the Richard Petty of snow.

UPDATE: Headlined at AOSHQ. Thanks.


  1. Knickerbocker please!
    Formula One of....EUROPE!
    And he didn't even come in second!!!
    Robert,I'm ashamed.
    Fluff stuff.You gonna stick Todd Palin posters in your
    Grow a pair,man.....

  2. Have y'all noticed from that one clip of him introducing Cindy McCain that he has a very distinct Native American/Alaska Inaut accent?

    I know this may be getting a bit too demographically obssessed, but does anyone else think that his Native ancestry might play well in heavily Native regions of the country like South Dakota Indian Reservations, parts of Arizona, and Montana?

    Could swing the Native American vote to the GOP for the first time?