Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tale of three covers

US Weekly cover, June:

US Weekly cover, September:
And, via Michelle Malkin, an US Weekly cover the editors surely never dreamed of running:


  1. Ha!

    I went to their site to email them that cover, to no avail. Anyways, they have a poll asking if Bristol Palin's pregnancy will affect your vote. Shockingly, about 90% said "No."

    They also have a nice photo of your crazy cousin John, Bristol and Levi at the MN airport.

    I can see why young Levi drives the schoolgirls (as well as the cougars) wild.

    Now where is my photo of Todd Palin sans that pesky shirt?

  2. Funny!
    Alas, he's not on the ticket.
    Cheap political points...