Friday, September 5, 2008

Gallup: Obama lead cut in half

Four days ago, Obama was at 50% and ahead by eight points in the Gallup daily tracking poll. Today, it's Obama 48%, McCain 44%:
Obama pulled into an eight-point lead at several points over the course of his convention. It now appears the Republican National Convention may be helping McCain to recoup some of his losses. . . .
Results, based on interviewing conducted Sept. 2-4, include just one day of interviewing conducted after Wednesday night's widely viewed acceptance speech by McCain's vice presidential running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Most interviewing Thursday night was conducted before McCain's acceptance speech, so Gallup Poll Daily tracking results will start to reflect its impact in Saturday's report. The full impact of the GOP convention on voter preferences will not be known until Monday's report. . . .
In fact, to get a more accurate assessment, you'll have to wait until Thursday, Sept. 11, when Gallup's got three days of weekday polling in the hopper. Weekend poll results are erratic.

UPDATE: Guess this would be as good a place as any to link the latest Rasmussen poll showing that not only is Palin more popular than Joe Biden, she's also more popular than either Obama or McCain.

UPDATE II: Ed Morrissey notes that Palin "now has solid favorable majorities from men (65%)." You know why? Yeah. Bikini pics.

I've already had more traffic in 4 days of September than I had in all of August, which was a record month. And mostly because of my sarcastic humor my insightful commentary Sarah Palin bikini pics.

Readers don't even care if it's a bogus Photoshop composite. America loves Sarah Palin because of her compelling biography strong conservative record sexy body.

And I'm posting this bogus photo because I really care about the future of the country electing John McCain making money off this stupid blog.

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