Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Thank you, Kossacks!

As a conservative and as an American, I just want to thank the geniuses at DailyKos and MoveOn.org for driving Joe Lieberman out of the Democratic Party.

Your vicious hatred, your spittle-spewing rage, your narrow spirit of intolerance made tonight possible. God bless you all, you demented losers.


  1. Hello dipshit
    Really great rethuglican convention so far, but America will take a pass on old man McSame and elect a human being instead. I mean, we don't need a coward like mcsame and his drug-addled wife in the white house. Also, get a new haircut, you are one ugly bastard. Thank you, dipshit.

  2. You guys can keep Lieberman as far as I'm concerned.
    He's a turncoat weakling who won't stand on any principals except for getting elected, staying in whatever office he can keep in order to feed that litter he calls his family. Hey Lieberman, AMERICA FIRST buddy....
    Other than that he is a fine man.

  3. Hats off to Joe Lieberman for sticking to his guns, even though his party gave him the boot.
    His speech helped differentiate McCain from Bush.
    Bush's speech was OK (which for him means well above average), Lieberman was good, but Thompson ran away with it. I see why they gave FT more time.
    I hope to see both Leiberman and Thompson on the SCOTUS.
    Will the Kosmunists make asses of themselves over that, too, in their puerile rage?

  4. Wow...dipshit, McSame, rethuglican...hahaha! That pretty much sums up the far left...no argument only schoolyard name calling.