Sunday, August 31, 2008

CNN poll: Obama 49%, McCain 48%

I don't believe that only 3% of voters are undecided, but that's what Time/CNN is reporting. Given this is, according to Mark Halperin, the first national poll conducted entirely since Palin was named McCain's running mate, it's worth noting simply because it indicates that either Obama got no convention bounce or else the Palin pick has offset it.

But "indicates" is the operative word. This is just one poll, and a weekend poll, at that. Let the dust settle with Palin on the ticket, let them finish the GOP convention, and then let's watch the polls for a week or two thereafter. Check the daily tracking polls from Rasmussen and Gallup reported on Thursday, Sept. 11 -- the first day with three full weekdays of polling after the RNC -- and that will be a good measure of where the race stands as the main part of the campaign season begins. And then wait for battleground state polls after that.

UPDATE: "Nerves of tin" Beta-male pessimist Allahpundit sees gloom in these numbers and other omens. The Boss should give him a pep talk: "Get a grip, man! Have you no faith in the evil racist moron voters of America?"

UPDATE II: His "government name" is Sean Combs, but he's working real hard to make sure that Maverick monopolizes the evil racist moron vote.

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  1. I can believe the undecideds are going down and the race is tighter. Palin has re-energized McCain's base, and people thinking 3rd party will come home now.

    McCain has made an excellent choice in Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, our number one energy producer and geographically largest state.

    Sarah Palin is a conservative reformer who has executive experience and accomplishments, and has actually stood up to special interests and exposed corruption, even in her own party. Obama talks the talk but Sarah Palin has walked the walk of reform.

    If the Obama camp is saying that a sitting governor is not ready to be Vice President, when she has had executive experience while Obama has none, they are really admitting that Obama is not ready to be President.