Sunday, September 7, 2008

SCANDAL! Sarah Palin's church preaches ... repentance!

It's just too shocking to be believed:
ANCHORAGE, Alaska - Gov. Sarah Palin's church is promoting a conference that promises to convert gays into heterosexuals through the power of prayer.
"You'll be encouraged by the power of God's love and His desire to transform the lives of those impacted by homosexuality," according to the insert in the bulletin of the Wasilla Bible Church, where Palin has prayed since she was a child.
Next thing you know, those Christofascist godbags will be promoting a conference that promises to convert smokers into non-smokers through the power of prayer! And the conference will probably feature some of those holier-than-thou "ex-smokers."

This, of course, would infringe my rights as a smoker. Somehow. I think mainly by hurting my self-esteem by suggesting that maybe smoking is a bad thing, and that somehow smokers and non-smokers aren't equal.



  1. Thats not a fair comparison... smokers and homosexuals are completely different. Smoking has been scientifically proven to give you lung cancer. What has homosexuality proven to do?

    Also the Church is making them look like they are 'sick' and need prayer to heal them. Lets not forget for years homosexuality was considered a psycological disorder. Its not anymore because Doctors found out how pointless it was to 'convert' them and discovered there wasn't anything really wrong with them to begin with.

  2. anonymous,
    I agree with you a 100% - since when did homosexuality become a wretched disease? this is one area where the conservatives have tied themselves up in knots. I find it amazing that a group like the Log Cabin Republicans still remains in the GOP, even though these members have had their personal human dignity repeatedly trampled upon.

  3. "Smoking has been scientifically proven to give you lung cancer. What has homosexuality proven to do?"

    You're not serious are you?


  4. What has homosexuality been scientifically proven to do?

    Uh, wasn't it something like AIDS?
    You know, the immune deficiency thing that gays told us for years was actually a heterosexual disease. And we the taxpayers were supposedly responsible for a 100% cure so the gays could get back into the bath houses.

    Wow, you guys really are nuts.

  5. The take on this one is easy: have the church contact the current vice president, and ask him if Mary Cheney will give it a go.

  6. "Uh, wasn't it something like AIDS?"

    Are you retarded? HIV didn't even originate from humans! I was transmitted to humans in the 20th century. How is AIDS gays fault? That's the problem in America. IGNORANCE