Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scheduled anarchy?

The "Recreate '68" protest crew has published its complete schedule of events for the Denver convention, including such highlights as:

9 a.m. "End the Occupation" march, Capitol
1 p.m. "Funk the War" dance party, Pepsi Center.
4 p.m. Copwatch training, Lincoln Park.

9 a.m. March to Freedom Cage, Skyline Park
6:30 p.m. Code Pink concert, Cuernavaca Park

2 p.m. Public Enemy concert, Civic Center Park
4 p.m. Third World Liberation Struggle-First World Alliance Teach-in, Civic Center Park

11 a.m. Rage Against the Machine concert, Coliseum
3:30 p.m. Iraq Veterans Against the War March, from the Coliseum to Cuernavaca Park

11 a.m. "Lockstep Behind the Party" protest, Pepsi Center
2 p.m. March to Invesco Field from Lincoln Park

Of course, if they're trying to "recreate" the protests at the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago, they're way too organized. The Chicago protest schedule was more like, "Get high, get laid, throw rocks at cops, scream 'police brutality' when the cops try to arrest you."

The Denver protests will include a lot of unscheduled activity. I mean, you don't really expect them to announce in advance when they're going to start smashing windows and looting, do you?

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