Friday, August 22, 2008

PollWatch update

UPDATED & BUMPED: Gallup daily reports a 1-point race, Obama 45%, McCain 44%:
The race has clearly tightened and stabilized in recent days. Obama has received exactly 45% of the vote in the past four Gallup Poll Daily tracking reports, and McCain has received 43% or 44% support.
Thus, the candidates enter the high-intensity convention phase of the campaign essentially tied. Political observers are awaiting the news of whom Obama has selected as his vice presidential running mate, which could happen at any moment.
It's Hillary, right?

Rasmussen's Electoral College report finds a narrowing gap between Obama and McCain. For a long time, despite the closeness of the national polls, Team Obama insisted that it had a lead in swing states, which was all that mattered in the Electoral College. But widespread trends in public opinion will eventually be reflected in the state-by-state polls, and that's the case now.

UPDATE: Rasmussen daily tracking poll shows Obama 47%, McCain 46%.

Last night's Fox News poll had Obama 42%, McCain 39%.

In state by state polling, the Detroit Free Press has Obama ahead by 7 points in Michigan, the Reno Gazette Journal has Obama up by 1 in Nevada, and a poll by Minnesota Public Radio shows Obama up 10 points there.

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