Monday, August 18, 2008


After I've been screaming "Kaine!" all day, I now see the Netroots getting all gushy about Joe Biden. TNR's Jonathan Cohn summarizes the gush.

OK, your funeral, Netroots. Maybe it's because I'm an old guy, I find it impossible to take Biden seriously. The two things I most associate with Biden are hairplugs and plagiarism. But if Democrats think "gravitas" when they think of Joe Biden -- i.e., an old guy to function as Obama's Dick Cheney -- maybe that makes sense. If you're a Democrat.

The difference between Biden and Cheney, however, is huge. Cheney had an extensive record of executive-branch service and had been Secretary of Defense. Biden never been anything more important than a senator from Delaware, which isn't very important at all.

The mention of Caroline Kennedy in the Drudge item, however, reminds me that Biden's a Kennedy crony, which would be evidence of a sort. Maybe Obama's spending Wednesday and Thursday in Virginia as a sort of consolation prize to Virginia for not choosing Kaine.

So if the Netroots borked Bayh and the Netroots love Biden, then why shouldn't the Netroots president have a Netroots running mate? Biden, maybe.

But the PUMAs are going to hate it. Bad.


  1. Mr. McCain,

    Does anyone read your blog? Just scanning through your latest offerings and there is nary a comment.

    Maybe your regular readers are unable to type?

    Just curious.

    Chubby Parker

  2. It's the comment moderation.

    I read, but if I can't immediately see what I write, I'm a lot less likely to leave a comment. (Which probably suits the host just fine.)

  3. Ben may have a point about the comment moderation. But I've had plenty of posts with 20+ comments, it's just that in putting up 250+ posts monthly, most posts don't get comments.

    In general, one will note that conservative bloggers get fewer comments than do liberal bloggers. I think conservatives use blogs more for information-gathering, and less for discussion.

  4. And your 20+ comment posts would probably have had 50+ comments with no moderation.

    Which, again, isn't necessarily a bad thing -- there are blogs where the posts are nice and serious, but the comments sections are real cesspools.

    Of course, there's a very easy way for us readers to guess at the readership (or a part of it, at least) -- the sitemeter. (That misses the people who read it via the XML feed, but it gives you a minimum, at least.)