Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nudist investment opportunity

This thing just showed up as spam in my inbox the other day:
Cambium is a unique environment in the tropical Caribbean where just such a life is possible. Nearly three square miles of beautiful, lush countryside are to be set aside as a naturist paradise where individuals and families can live in peace amongst like-minded people all year round or as and when the timing suits them. . . .
The site is being specifically created for holistic living with a strong emphasis on living in harmony with Nature. The wearing of clothes is not required at any time or in any place within the territory, which greatly enhances the feeling of freedom and oneness with nature. . . .
Cambium is located in the Dominican Republic (DR). If you can live comfortably on £1,100 per month in the UK after tax, then you should be able to live equally comfortably in the DR for £380 per month, once you have bought your property.
I have no reason to suspect that this is a complete scam, but that's exactly what I suspect, anyway. Even if it were a perfectly legitimate investment, however, I'm thinking your average "naturist" looks nothing at all like the two hotties strolling under the palms in the photo at their Web site. Caveat emptor.


  1. Thanks for the caveat. Cambium is genuine actually. I take your point about the hotties in the photo but at least it was taken in Las Terrenas near where Cambium will be. Please feel free to apply for further info at I'll see if I can get some photos of the terrain with some more average naturists next time I'm there in January. At this stage, masses of planning is going into the project and it will probably be a year or so before anyone can invest. See also The Yoga Show, The Mind Body & Soul Exhibition, High Spirit magazine, BN, The Bulletin, Tan and H&E for further info. Sincerely, Francois (Director)

  2. I'm interested in this opportunity, and ask for the information and received it. Other then it is near Las Terrenas, mentioned above, I cannot find out where it will be, so I can research it somemore. I emailed Francois, and have not received an answeryet. Francois if you read this comment please post a response as to Cambium's location.