Friday, August 22, 2008

How many houses?

John Hinderaker tries to spin Maverick's inability to say how many houses he owns:
The truth is that McCain isn't out of touch with "ordinary people" because he's rich, he's out of touch with his own domestic arrangements because he cares little about material things, and for many years has devoted his extraordinary energies not to enjoying his wife's money, but to serving the American people. Given the number of nights he's spent in hotels or on military bases over the last few years, it's no wonder he hasn't seen much of his wife's condos.
That's not going to deflect the Obama attack. A more relevant point is that several of the eight "properties" owned by McCain and his wife aren't used by them, but rather are the residences of Cindy McCain's elderly aunts and their daughter. So the McCains are supporting their family members (hey, if they ever want to buy a house for a distant cousin . . .).
Even more relevant: By raising this issue, Obama has attacked Cindy McCain's inherited wealth. If the candidates' spouses are fair game, then everything Michelle Obama's said and done is fair game.

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  1. Did you see the story about Obama's latest to be discovered brother who lives in a shanty?

    Or the school he pledged to help financially two years ago and hasn't?

    Glass houses, Obama, glass houses.