Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gallup: Tied at 45%

Basically unchanged for the third day in a row. Friday it was tied at 44%, Saturday it was Obama 45%, McCain 44%. Meanwhile, Rasmussen has Obama 47%, McCain 45%.

Note that these polls are for Thursday-through-Saturday, so they don't include any reaction to the Saddleback forum, which was judged such a blowout that Team Obama accused McCain of cheating.

Assuming this energizes the evangelicals a bit, it's therefore possible we could see McCain move in front Monday or Tuesday. Obama is supposed to announce his VP pick this week (do the tea leaves spell K-A-I-N-E?) and that will cause a reaction -- and a lot will depend on how the PUMAs take it.

The Democrats will hold their convention in Denver -- and McCain's holding a thin lead in Colorado -- while he and Obama are tied in the crucial swing state of Ohio, according to a Democratic pollster.

So, eight months into the year, 78 days until Election Day and -- after everything that's happened so far -- it's a dead heat. Ain't that something?

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