Monday, August 18, 2008

Obama in Ohio: Ruh-roh

Hope HQ's got to be sweating this news:
John McCain has pulled even in Ohio, after trailing in PPP's June and July polls of the state. He and Barack Obama are each at 45%, with 10% of Ohio voters reporting as undecided.
Party unity is an issue for Obama in the Buckeye State. While McCain has an 89-7 lead with voters who identify as Republicans, Obama has a narrower 75-17 edge with Democrats. Delving deeper into the numbers, it appears that residual unhappiness from Hillary Clinton supporters could be the cause. The 25% of Democrats who currently either support McCain or are undecided are disproportionately middle aged, white, and female or in other words prototypical Clinton voters.
I like that "could be the cause." Really? You think so? Like maybe because Hillary won the primary by 10 points and Obama seems more interested in campaigning in Germany than in Ohio? Or because he's acting like he's got it so sewed up he can spend a week bodysurfing in Hawaii?

And keep in mind, this could get even worse, when Obama names his white male running mate.

UPDATE: Yeah, no time to shake hands at a factory gate in Mansfield or Wilmington, but plenty of time to collect nearly $8 million at a swanky Fairmont Hotel fund-raiser in San Francisco.

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