Sunday, August 17, 2008

Clinton delegates want Hillary as VP

As I pointed out at Pajamas Media, the common-sense logic of the Obama-Clinton "dream ticket" is such that many Hillary supporters still believe her to be the obvious choice as running mate. Most Oklahoma Democratic convention delegates agree:
Of the 14 Clinton delegates who responded to an Oklahoman survey last week, 11 named Clinton as their first choice for running mate. Obama is expected to announce his choice this week.
Mildred Banks, a delegate from Tulsa, said, "As a delegate pledged to Hillary Clinton, and as chair of Tulsa Area Hillraisers for Hillary Clinton, my pick for VP is Hillary Clinton. She brings 18 million voters -- more than any candidate in history."
Don't bother arguing with me. Take it up with Mildred.

UPDATE: Similar news from New Mexico:
Hillary supporters in the audience included Paulette Atencio, 61, of Chama, who worked for Clinton in the primary. Clinton narrowly won New Mexico's Democratic caucus in February, getting 14 delegates, compared to 12 for Obama.
"Way deep in our hearts we are very disappointed," Atencio said.
If Obama doesn't select Clinton as his running mate, she said she would support McCain in the general election Nov. 4.
Does Obama think these ladies are kidding?

UPDATE II: The Hillary-or-else message is also being heard from Texas:
Ramona "Monchi" De La Paz Torres wants to see that U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton gets the respect she deserves at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.
"I'm going to stick to Hillary to the end," said De La Paz Torres, who lives in Central El Paso.
She's one of 10 El Paso Democrats who will be delegates at the convention Aug. 25-28. . . .
De La Paz Torres said she's not sure she can vote for Obama. . . .
"He's not experienced enough for him to handle the presidential decisions right now," she said. "I feel that he should have waited."
Blanche Darley, a fellow Clinton delegate from Central El Paso, said she doesn't like Obama, doesn't trust him and doesn't think he has paid attention to the needs of Mexican-Americans.
"I don't believe in him," she said.

UPDATE III: Big Tent Democrat says of Clinton as VP, "I've never seen a bigger no-brainer in my life," and links Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight, who says:

I think Obama might get an immediate 10-15 point bounce if he named her. . . . It's a crazy scenario, but the whole Obama veepstakes has been crazy enough that I wouldn't rule it out.
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  1. Here are some real reason why you should not Vote Obama
    Fact about him, people love to ignoring,

    Did any catch the forum with obama and McCain, what a crock obama, when they talked about religion Obama wanted to still say like he did 7 months ago, and in his book Rev, Wright, was his Mentor and spiritual advisor,
    but like alway Obama fliped floped again and again,

    Obama showed today he is not ready for the 3am phone call,, he would get scared, and start stammering again,

    When Obama and McCain when they really debate, is Obama going to agree with everything McCain says, like he did with Hillary Clinton, and him give Obama all the answers ,,, and take him as his own later,,,
    Just like Hillary,, Even CNN News claims Obama Adopted all of Hillary's Agendas, Why so many Obama supporter can not think for them self, the love the reality TV crap, Rock star image, Boy is this country going to suffer if Obama elected,,, I am a Hillary Supporter, this will be the first year I vote Republican because I don't believe in throwing alway my Vote, and to me it still best for the job,