Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Republican ticket from Hell

UPDATED & BUMPED: Rush Limbaugh is threatening mutiny if Maverick picks Rudy, and and Allah takes it to DefCon2. But K-Lo sez:
I still think this is all a headfake so pro-lifers will be grateful when the worst doesn't happen.
Either that, or token gestures to lure the MSM away from going 24/7 with the constant who-will-Obama-pick? All the smart money is on Pawlenty, and RNC sources assure Fox News the veep pick will be pro-life.

PREVIOUSLY: Coming soon to a Republican convention near you: McRudy? This follows on the heels of Team Maverick's idiotic floating of the Tom Ridge trial balloon.

Message to Team Maverick:
There are no votes to be gained by such a move, not even in trial-balloon mode. Whoever it is that is telling you that there is some pool of uncommitted voters to be won over to the GOP side by flirting with pro-abortion candidates is sadly misinformed. This issue only plays one way. Pro-choice voters always have other reasons for voting against Republicans, and cannot be won over by such gestures. Being perceived as "soft" on right-to-life will cost you far more support than you'll ever make up by gaining godless babykiller votes.
I don't know why I bother. If they don't get the basic political calculus already, they're so irretrievably dense as to be beyond hope.

Giuliani as running mate puts this one out of "Get Drunk and Vote for McCain" range. But go right ahead, Maverick: Bob Barr will be grateful.

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey says:
In the primaries, I thought Rudy Giuliani would give Republicans their best shot
at victory …. against Hillary Clinton.
That's just plain crazy, Ed. It's very important, when evaluating candidates, to get outside your own preferences and try to assess them in the same superficial way that idiot independent swing voters evaluate them. AllahPundit points out that, issue-wise, Giuliani has the same strengths as McCain -- post-9/11 national security hawks -- but fails to note that they both have the same weakness: They're bald.

This was always the best argument for Romney. Whatever his record or his ideology, you couldn't argue with his hair. Dude had some amazingly presidential hair. Also, Romney's tall. Ceteris parabus, when it comes down to picking presidents, a tall guy with good hair always wins.

The only reason 2004 was so close was that Kerry was a tall guy with good hair. Independent idiot voters are extremely superficial. Ask yourself: Where would Obama be, if he didn't remind swing voters of that guy in the Allstate ads?

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  1. Exactly. I still can't figure out which of these two can run a worse campaign.