Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Giuliani slams Obama adviser

UPDATE III: Ed Morrissey asks if the concern about lobbyists working on campaigns is "overblown," and Rudy Giuliani mostly agrees, saying, "The focus should be on whether this is disclosed to the American people."

Earlier, Townhall's Matt Lewis got shot down when he tried to ask about McCain's VP pick.

UPDATE II: A left-wing reporter just tried to play "gotcha" with Giuliani and McCain advisor Randy Scheunemann, accusing them of conflicts of interest. Scheunemann points out that his past lobbying activities have been fully disclosed under law, which is not the case with the Obama adviser who reportedly met with Syrian officials in Damascus.

UPDATE: Referring to this story about an Obama advisor who met with Syria's dictatorship, Rudy Giuliani says Americans are "entitled to a president who understands how to conduct foreign policy," speaking in a McCain campaign conference call.

Noting that the Obama campaign has over 300 foreign-policy advisers, Giuliani says, "I think the American people are entitled to know what the other 300 advisers are doing."

More updates to come ....

PREVIOUSLY: I'm on hold waiting for this:
U.S. Senator John McCain's presidential campaign will hold a press conference call with former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani and Randy Scheunemann, McCain 2008 Senior Foreign Policy Adviser to discuss reports that an Obama campaign Middle East adviser was recently in Damascus for meetings with Syrian officials.
Will update. While you wait, enjoy some photos of Kate Beckinsale in an orange bikini (hat tip: Conservative Grapevine.)

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