Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Obama: I'm a victim!

L.A. Times:
"I have never suggested that Sen. McCain picks his positions on national security based on politics or personal ambition," Obama told an audience of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. "I have not suggested it because I believe that he genuinely wants to serve America's national interest. Now it's time for him to acknowledge that I want to do the same."
But, senator, it was your own wife who said she'd never been proud of America before. It was you who consorted with Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright.

You, sir, are the one who has stubbornly insisted on an unconditional U.S. surrender in Iraq, who originally predicted the surge would fail and has since refused to acknowledge its success. You were the one who went to Berlin and spoke to your fellow "citizens of the world."

Senator Obama, if your patriotism is less self-evident than that of a former Navy fighter pilot, whose fault is that? I mean, if you could get into Harvard Law School, surely you could have gotten into the Navy, right?

If Americans didn't want to hear this kind of whiny pathetic self-pity from John Kerry, what makes you think they want to hear it from you?

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