Thursday, August 21, 2008

RNC beats DNC 10-to-1

Cash on hand totals:

  • Republican National Committee: $75.2 million
  • Democratic National Committee: $7.7 million

Team Obama's sucking up all the liberal money, and when he spends it, it's gone. And a lot of overhead is involved in fundraising, so much of what liberal donors are paying for is for Obama to hire more fund-raising operatives.

Meanwhile, Team Maverick is less than two weeks away from collecting -- in a single lump-sum payment -- $84 million in public financing. By then, there will be barely eight weeks remaining to spend the whole amount, which means the McCain campaign will be operating on a budget of $10 million a week, even while the RNC still has another $75 million to play around with.

All in all, you're going to see more than $20 million a week of coordinated Republican activity from Labor Day through Nov. 4. So much for McCain-Feingold as way to "get the big money out of politics."

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