Saturday, August 23, 2008


Bidenfreude (n.) The joy Republicans feel at Democratic despondency over Obama's vice presidential choice.

Anita Thompson is a wonderful person. I should feel no pleasure at her glum reaction to Old Pluggy as Barack Obama's running-mate pick. Then again, I recall no sympathy from my liberal friends when Maverick somehow foisted himself on the GOP.

Besides, as Philip Klein reports from Denver, many Democrats in the Hyatt Bar think Joe's just dandy:
I struck up a conversation with an Obama volunteer from Portland, Oregon, and told him who I write for. After the speech, he came over and confidently said, "you guys are in trouble."
Though he acknowledged that Biden could be a "loose cannon," he thinks he's a known quantity who will bring experience to the ticket.
He was also convinced that Obama was not going to be like John Kerry, but would be prepared to fight back against Republican attacks -- especially because he took on the Clinton Machine. "That's like taking on the frickin' mafia," he exclaimed.
So cheer up, Anita: Obama's disciples believe the Messiah can do no wrong, including picking a veep candidate who comes complete with an extensive GOP oppo-research dossier.

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  1. Hope and Change was some sliding into the swamp as Obama began dealing with the realities of politics outside the cloistered confines of Chicago democrat politics. But, it's going to really be hard to pull off with a VP selection who's a strident partisan well ensconced in the same-old, same-old (and who has a ton of baggage that the campaign is going to have to fend off).