Monday, November 30, 2009

Mötley CR:Ü: Shout at the Data

by Smitty

What better answer to the Warmaquiddick hair ball than a hair band?
The artistic dreck that is Mötley Crüe is the perfect contrast to the scientific dreck that is the Climate Research Unit, and I expect this will be the first of many parodies.

Shout shout shout
Shout shout shout
Shout at the data!

ManBearPig screaming lonely in the night
Carbon footprint on the stay-yay-yage
Warming fear in your eye
Being taxed by his lies
He's the Cap on your back--he's rage
Occam's razor on your life
Oh, lonely are our wives
My head's spinnin' round and round
But when the seasons are bent
He stands, incontinent
We're strong and laugh and

Shout shout shout
Shout at the data
Shout shout shout

They 'steal' the mail from the serv
Calls for blood at the nerve
And then have you crying at coh-oh-ode
Steals integrity from youth
With his Inconvenient Truth
The polar bear guilt mother lode
He'll be the Florida in the math
And maybe Michael Moore's wrath
Might run scared for the door
It's like M. C. Escher
Crossed with Fran Drescher
Were strong and laugh and


[Repeat V1]


Update: Pecunious Predator 'lanch

Update II: Rightofcourse goes Vaudeville.

Update III: Robert Gibbs. "No real scientific basis for the dispute of this." Oh, Robert, your lobotomy scar is showing.


  1. I offer my own submission of climate gate parodies with "Where's the Data?". While I enjoy your Motley Crue parody, the Crue was certainly not dreck. Poison was dreck, Motley Crue is at least a step above Poison. Of this writing though, I can't compare the Pam Anderson related viewing produced by members of Poison and the Crue.

  2. Shame I don't have a way to record this for you right now... otherwise, I'd totally be up for it.