Saturday, December 5, 2009

Finally, Mr. Johnson Retreats Ad Infernam

by Smitty

This weeks FMJRA title celebrates a mad blogger, who really doesn't merit the attention, but that was the best backronym I could derive for the topics at hand. The Most Atrocious Congress Ever continues to pile on the nonsense. Cops are slain, but the political ramifications are somehow painted as more significant. The interview with American Glob was well received. And the mainstream media silence on Warmaquiddick just keeps getting more absurd. The Smith Guess is that BHO is going to sign some kind of middle-finger-to-you document. He's bowed to two monarchs thus far. If he, for one, bowed to the new AGW Overlord, that would round out the rule of three well enough.

I'll be out for the day, so check this post Saturday night for some updates. Bob Belvedere is conspicuous in his absinthe.

Update: Rightofcourse, Obi's Sister and The Camp of the Saints added.

Crap & Enslave:
  • Rhretorican echoed Stacy's hope that Warmaquiddick will kill Cap & Trade. Zombie Troll Congress does not inspire much confidence, however. Random pages from one bill could be cut and pasted into another bill at odd hours on a Friday. It would be great to be making a joke on this point.
  • Left Coast Rebel hat tipped us.
The Purity Test: Did You Study? Tyger, Tyger, no' so bright: I'm Almost a Ron Burgundy 'Big Deal' Now:
Genuinely pleasant feedback on the American Glob interview.
  • Mike Tuggle wrote an appreciative email, mentioning his book, which I promptly added to the wish list.
  • Paco Enterprises linked the interview.
  • Dustbury quoted the interview.
  • No Sheeples Here made me blush. Burgundy, of course.
  • Bob Belvedere expressed appreciation for inclusion in the suggested follow-up list, and dismay at the proximity with the Troglopundit. Can't we all just get a long...?
Four Officers, Maurice Clemmons Dead. Huckabee, DEADBEEF:
  • American Power covered Maurice Clemmons well, granting Stacy top billing.
  • Paco Enterprises noted the story.
  • Bob Belvedere to Gov. Huckabee: "How many more ticking timebomb psychos are out there free because of you and your supremely wrong-headed compassion?"
I'd Say This Counts as a 'Blog Thing':
  • Grandpa John and No Sheeples Here have a 'blog thing' going on. There is really only one college football game, the Army/Navy Game. All else is window dressing.
  • No Sheeples Here is as serious as a campaign promise is not: "Never before has a blog post by Steve of Grandpa John’s blog felt as false as his Tuesday post announcing his new strategy for the blog war against No Sheeples Here. It seemed like Obama campaign rhetoric—and left both Gator fans and ‘Bama fans feeling distraught."
  • Mind the decorum over there, people.
Hopefully Charles Johnson Soared Far Enough Over the Shark, and We Never Hear From Him Again:
  • Jules Crittenden rounded up reactions:
  • "apparently it works like this: If you disagree with any element of half of the American body politic, you disagree with the whole thing. This makes you saner, more compassionate, more embracing of diversity. Probably smarter, too."
  • Another Black Conservative had another roundup.
  • RS McCain literally put Another Black Conservative on the map. His blog was the first major blog to link ABC when I was getting less than 100 hits a day. Bringing a black voice to wider audience doesn’t strike me as the actions of the white supremacist label Charles smears McCain with.
    Also, you write a great blog, Clifton.
  • Exurban League had a thoughtful posting on LGF.
  • The Classic Liberal tracked Stacy along with some climate stories.
  • American Power was out to grab every related URL, it seems.
  • Carol's Closet: "I've never paid much attention to Charlie but apparently he's been cutting his ties with the Right for almost as long as he's had ties with the Right."
  • The Jawa Report spells Stacy's name like my sister's, but delivers a good fisking nonetheless.
  • Paco Enterprises: "Aunt Ada Doom".
  • The Camp of the Saints may have put the pussy in there for symbolic value; he's never been a cat-blogger to my knowledge.
Shout at the Data!
  • Rightofcourse sounded hurt by my judgement that Mötley Crüe is 'dreck'. Did you read those lyrics, boss? Any less coherent, and Robert Gibbs would use them in lieu of his dreck. Rightofcourse followed up here about the dumped raw data.RoC did spring into action with the Laurel & Hardy variant.
  • Dan Riehl may have vomited in his mouth a bit, again. My posting should consider his tender stomach more often.
  • SI VIS PACEM offered us a hat-tip.
  • No Sheeples Here had a pole-dancing bear to celebrate the farce.
  • Paco Enterprises liked the Piltdown Man reference more than my parody tune. But Paco is a little too respectable for metal, anyway.
Other FMJRA roundups: Kathleen Parker 'Love':Waxman and the Need to Control Everything:
  • Bob Belvedere linked us and quoted the Clash:
    When they kick in your front door
    How ya gonna come
    With your hands on your head
    Or on the trigger of your gun?
  • Instapudit linked the Waxman post. Troglopundit bloviates about how we're not linking Insty. Trog sounds like he's in search of employment. You ready to get out of the Swamp and step up to the Porch, mister?
Miscellaneous Shouts:
  • No Sheeples Here liked the Paper Moon reference on the Weisberg post.
  • The Classic Liberal picked up the Federal-Reserve-as-vampire offering.
  • Little Miss Attila liked the Neutra Face video I sent her.
  • Dustbury had at least two cheeky puns for Stacy's reaction to the tragic/absurd demise of Argentina Solange Magnano.
  • Obi's Sister remembered the Rules while elaborating on her comments policy.
  • Rightofcourse linke the Mark Campano post.
  • Bob Belvedere linked and liked the ZING for Chris "Enemy Camp" Matthews. He also picked up Stacy's tweaking of Karl Rove.
I'm off doing the Weekend Warrior thing. Do send me updates, additions, and corrections. If you sent me links, I'll be updating tonight, as well as producing the Rule 5 Sunday post.


  1. Smitty and Matthews sittin' in a tree
    Both think West Point is the enemy.

  2. You're a good man, Smitty.

    In fact, I would say you're a Superman.