Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

Rule 5 Sunday, statuesque model edition. Let's go.
  • Daphne had some excellent nature shots and concludes with a bit of Rule 5.
  • Adrienne's Catholic Corner has a roundup of blokes for the ladies.
  • Smash Mouth Politics featured Alizee Jacotey. He was also first to grace the Reader with Eve, whose high heels seem a tad bit...redundant. But that recalled a video that some colleague showed me about the sun, featuring Yulia Stepanova. The music is rather heavy. Muting recommended.

Check back, as I need to go now, and Bob Belvedere has a major round of links.

Update: Thank you for your indulgence.
Belvedere went slightly crazy on us. I blame Eve.
Things were going fine through the week:Then Saturday, the storm:
Update II:
HotMES features Marisa Miller


  1. Smitty: Thanks, as always, for the plethora of pulchritude!

  2. This is NOT Rule 5-ish, but thought I'd pass along this gem of scandalicious blogging, 'Obama's Gay Nightmare: Still Waiting for Barry's Backside Boogie Pics!'.

  3. Thanks for the Rule 5 linkage. I've had a good rest now after yesterday and feel I will be able to resume normal blogging activities tomorrow. Thanks to Glaxo-Smith-Kline everything is hunky hunky dory with sugar on top. Woot. Zim zim. Pshaw. Gobble. Ecky ecky fatang fatang nee-womm.

  4. I forgot to send a link to this Rule 5 post of mine. Hopefully this will rectify that oversight.

  5. "The Music is rather heavy. Muting recommended."

    As the kids say, if it's too loud, you're too old.

    Crank it!