Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Best Huckabee zinger yet

Pardoned Thanksgiving Turkey
Goes on Nine-State Killing Spree!
Yeah, stick a fork in that turkey. He's done.


  1. How about a full round of "credit where credit is due"? Pierce County had him in jail up until a week ago, but let him bail out. What was he in for? Child rape. Assault on a cop. What Huckabee did 9 years ago is just a single data point, and now fades in importance compared to an American justice system that does catch and release of multiple-felony violent criminals on a weekly basis.

    Smack Huckabee all you want, but spread it around where it will do some good... he can no longer commute sentences, but the guys in Pierce County who let Clemmons out of jail are still behind their desks this morning.

  2. Huck’s a schmuck- and with this Dukakis moment, he’s done for 2012

    Mitt is in a hole with conservatives for a failed Massachessets HC plan that’s hardly any better than Obama’s… and a pitiful response to NY-23’s special election drama (if there was ANY response, I don’t recall it).

    Meanwhile, the Arctic Fox’s book is #1 as crowds swell at her signings… and polls now show her vs Obama’s approval numbers closed within the margin of error…

  3. I'm putting my chips on the Arctic Fox.