Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Miss Argentina: Death by plastic surgery

Dan Collins called this to my attention:
Former Miss Argentina, Solange Magnano died at a Buenos Aires medical center last Sunday, after undergoing a plastic surgery procedure.
Solange, who won the Miss Argentina pageant in 1994, suffered a pulmonary embolism when liquid was being injected into her buttocks the day after she underwent a gluteoplasty (buttock implant). The liquid reportedly entered her lungs and brain, killing her instantly.
Solange was 38 years old. She is survived by her husband and seven-year-old twins.
Gluteoplasty? She died trying to get a bigger butt? I'm sorry, but why didn't someone tell her about the miraculous American butt-growth formula known as bacon double cheesburger?

A senseless tragedy . . .

UPDATE: Speaking of senseless tragedies, Alyssa Milano still hasn't re-Tweeted me.


  1. Dan Collins said...
    I blame Sir Mix-A-Lot.


  2. That's actually a bummer. Never heard of a butt implant, but sad for the husband and kids.

    Anyway, check this out, 'Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009'. Definitely Rule 5 material there!

  3. Hindsight is 20-20

    Stolen from a witty Althouse commentator.

  4. I like big butts and I can not lie
    But wanting a big butt may make you die...

  5. "Former Miss Argentina, Solange Magnano died at a Buenos Aires medical center"

    As Yogi Berra said, "Only in America ..."

  6. I must object to this upstart named Professor Donald Douglas [do we know that he's a real 'Professor'?] who thinks he's a bigger blogwhore than I am. It seems that in every comment section on this site, this popinjay posts a link to one of his postings that often has absolutely nothing to do with the issue at hand. Up above is a perfect example. What does Miss Argentina have to do with Victoria Secret? NOTHING! Nothing at all. I, at least, link to postings that actually quote from and link to you--admittedly, sometimes the connections are tenuous, but, hey, as a very wise man once said: 'Hits is hits'.

    If you have any sense of decency 'Professor', I would advise you to cease and desist your behavior or I will be forced to tell everyone about you, Tiger Woods, and Mike Huckabee on that 'camping' weekend last Fall.

    POSTSCRIPT: Ah hah! I think I have the answer why this Douglas fellow [if that’s he’s real name] is doing what he's doing: on the header for his site it reads, in part, Commentary and analysis on American politics, culture, and national identity, U.S. foreign policy and international relations, and the state of education - from a neoconservative perspective! A Neocon, eh! They're everywhere, dammit. Rabble-rousing at West Point and now harassing a traditionalist conservative blogwhore. Diabolical.

  7. And another thing...

    Just like you should never, ever, trust someone who starts off a sentence with Herewith, a primer..., you should never trust someone who writes a half-hearted comment on your posting and then begins the next sentence with Anyway....

  8. Fredricks of Hollywood used to sell ass cheeks. Seems a hell of a lot easier and cheaper than havin' your butt cut, not to mention dead.