Saturday, December 5, 2009

'Bama wins, Tim Tebow cries

Sorry to ruin your Heisman hopes, man:

Somebody needs to ask the Climate Research Unit to investigate this claim: Tim Tebow's tears cure cancer.

Also, I agree: If Mark Ingram doesn't win the Heisman Trophy, it's racism.

UPDATE: Carol at No Sheeples Here:

Indeed, the chomplessness of the Gators shocked me. Tebow is a great quarterback and, after his performance in last year's SEC title game, I thought he was unbeatable. However, as someone said, "Tebow might be able to walk on water, but he can't run on the Tide."

Which was what it came down to, really. Alabama assigned linebacker Orlando McClain to stop Tebow from running the ball on the option or scrambles. Give Nick Saban credit for choosing to receive the opening kickoff (he usually defers), so that the Tide offense got the chance to show it could move the ball on Florida. Once 'Bama took an early lead, the Gators were forced to play catch-up and the dynamics of the game changed.

While RB Mark Ingram and QB Greg McElroy will get most of the credit, it was a team victory for Alabama. McElroy hit four different receivers -- Marquis Maze, Ingram, Corey Peek and Julio Jones -- and Ingram's 113 yards rushing were less than half of 'Bama's 260 total rushing yards. The Tide's offensive line was excellent, and the defense produced some of the most exciting plays of the game, including Javiera Arenas' game-clinching interception.

If Alabama could beat Florida, they should have no problem with Texas on Jan. 7 in Pasadena. Longhorns QB Colt McCoy -- damn, that's a great name for a Texas quarterback, isn't it? -- was decidedly unimpressive against Nebraska. His inept management of the clock on the final drive nearly cost the 'Horns the game. Texas fans will say, "A win is a win," and that's true. But Texas only rushed for 18 yards against Nebraska and the Longhorns' offensive line allowed their quarterback to be sacked repeatedly.

Both Tim Tebow and Corey Colt lost their shot at the Heisman Trophy last night. Alabama's never had a Heisman. If Mark Ingram doesn't get the Heisman now, I'd join any Heisman protest Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would care to lead.


  1. Just watched Texas "win".

    Roll, Tide, Roll.

  2. If Texas plans to play like that in the BCS Championship, they shouldn't even bother showing up.

  3. No dog in this fight, but at least a Michigan kid is going to win the Heisman and ex-MSU coach led 'Bama to victory.

  4. The Horns just got their bad game out of their system, that's all.

    What happened the last time Texas went to the Rose Bowl with the national title on the line, with a Heisman runnerup QB (they were playing the Heisman winner, for the record)?

    Two words: Vince. Young. Some more: The greatest single-game, high-stakes performance by a college football player. Evah.

  5. Bama wins the National Championship and Ingram wins the Heisman!

  6. Bama having to play from behind all day against Auburn didn't translate as a negative against the Gators.

    Bottom line: Bama and Texas will have to play.

    That's just how it is. And that's a good thing!

    And if Robert Stacy McCain wants to watch the game, he can come on over and we'll put it up on the big screen. (You bring the chips).

  7. Roll tide!!!! Ive waited for the Bama Texas matchup all season. Mccoy is a great QB, but if u do not think that Ingram deserves heisman ur crazy. i dont even care about the heisman but u gota give it to the guy. did u see the sec championship game? i would rather mccoy win the heisman and bama bring home the big 13. you can't ask for a better game two historic traditional classy schools meeting in cali already got my ticket see ya there fellow bama fans RRRRROOOLLLLLLLLLLL TIDE ROLLLLLL

  8. and by the way the whole tim tebow crying episode really gave Bama fans exactly what they wanted what better way to end a guys college football career than to beat him in a rematch of the sec championship that was lost by us a year before. i want all fans of college football to think back to the last time ur team lost a game and see if they cried. did bama players cry after last years loss? no because alabama wins with class loses with class. even teboohoos postgame interview on the field seemed half-hearted. hes a sore loser. i loved every minute of it every single minute and by the way whats up with urban givin saban the bellichek handshake at the end another sign of a sore loser. I LOVE IT.

  9. SEC Football....we own the NCAA!!

    Just watched that game....